Linden Ave - 'Linden Ave' Liner Notes | Shore Fire Media
Mitchell Tenpenny

Linden Ave

Release date: July 14, 2017
Label: Riser House Records

'Linden Ave' EP Tracklist:
1. Laid Back (Tenpenny/Schmidt/Albert/Arriaga/Richards)*
2. Mixed Drinks (Tenpenny/Albert/Walker)*
3. Make It To The Party (Tenpenny/Cones/Weatherly)**
4. Truck I Drove In High School (Tenpenny/Schmidt/Albert/Dawson)*
5. Bitches (Tenpenny/Wilson)*
6. If The Boot Fits (Acoustic) (Tenpenny/Schmidt/Albert)***

*Produced by Jordan Schmidt and Mitchell Tenpenny
**Produced by Mickey Jack Cones
***Produced by Mitchell Tenpenny

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