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20 November 2020

Dirty Projectors/ Ring Road EP/ Domino Records

Dirty Projectors/ Ring Road EP/ Domino Records

On November 20th, Dirty Projectors will conclude the cycle of EPs they first commenced in February 2020 with Ring Road, the fifth and final EP installment. In tandem, all songs from this chapter will be released as a full 20-song anthology titled 5EPs.

Until now, each previous EP showcased the voice of a different band member, backed by stylistically-shifting suites of music produced by Dave Longstreth: the existential folk of Windows Open sung by Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass's future soul on Flight Tower, Longstreth's endless melody on Super João, and the recomposed orchestral glitch of Earth Crisis with Kristin Slipp.

Ring Road presents Dirty Projectors' dynamic, full-band sound, weaving the emotional and sonic threads of the previous four EPs into a whole with dual guitars, vocal interplay, and ear-catching refrains. Friedman, Douglass, Slipp and Longstreth trade verses and harmonies; drummer Mike Johnson drives propulsive arrangements.