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5 May 2023

grandson/ ‘I Love You, I’m Trying’/ Fueled By Ramen

Genre-smashing alternative artist grandson announces his new album I Love You, I’m Trying out May 5th via Fueled By Ramen. Where his past work tackled political and social issues in nature, the new album turns the lens definitely inward resulting in a 12 track collection of grandson’s most personal and vulnerable songwriting to date.

“I’m painting the intimate portrait of myself I know how – covering themes of self harm, family trauma, the hidden side of life on the road, and so much more,” grandson shares. “This is the album that 16 year old me needed. This is the album I was scared to write and the album fans of mine deserve to hear. Above all this is the album where I face a big question: can I handle the changes life throws at me, and if this all that there is to life, can it be enough to be happy?”