Tribeca Drive-In (Comedy Dynamics Event) | Shore Fire Media

9 June 2020

Tribeca Drive-In (Comedy Dynamics Event)

Tribeca Enterprises and Comedy Dynamics have announced that they’re bringing a one-of-a-kind, stand-up comedy and entertainment experience to The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on July 9-12. The Tribeca Drive-In will feature stand-up comedy in a drive-in movie style setting. This first-of-its-kind experience blends comedy and film, with the nostalgic atmosphere of a drive-in theatre, set in the heart of Southern California. The series will be one of the first stand-up comedy tapings with a live audience since the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to most productions worldwide in early March. There will be 4 live shows over the course of 4 days, and fans will be treated to a ‘drive-in movie’ style experience, where they can enjoy the show from the safety of their own vehicle, while the audio streams through their radio.

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