Various Artists/ ‘Red Hot + Free’ | Shore Fire Media

2 July 2021

Various Artists/ ‘Red Hot + Free’

The Red Hot organization announces Red Hot + Free, a liberating mixtape of dance beats, electro grooves and global anthems meant to feed souls, lift spirits and unleash minds from an unprecedented state of lockdown. Out July 2 and helmed by influential producer-provocateur Bill Coleman, Red Hot + Free is the trailblazing non-profit's first brand new, full-length compilation since 2016's Grateful Dead tribute, Day of The Dead, ushering the next era of their 30-year history fighting HIV/AIDS through music and pop culture. Like all of Red Hot's previous projects - which span 20 LPs, 500+ collaborations and over $15 million donated to charities around the world - Red Hot + Free will benefit marginalized communities affected by the disease, as Red Hot continues to set the precedent for artistic activism not only in the wake of HIV/AIDS, but now COVID-19. Serving as a loose sequel to 1992's Red Hot + Dance, where George Michael, Madonna, Seal and more united in a mission to support club kids battling AIDS, Red Hot + Free once again captures the spirit of the times, and delivers a star-studded, PRIDE and Independence Day-ready playlist for a post-pandemic world.