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24 July, 2017Print

“After-School Pioneers”: Mighty Writers awarded “Best of Philly”

"After-School Pioneers": Mighty Writers awarded "Best of Philly"

Hot on the heels of praise from The New Yorker and NPR, Philadelphia Magazine just awarded education non-profit Mighty Writers as the "Best of Philly" in their new issue. They dub founders Tim Whitaker and Rachel Loeper "After-School Pioneers," writing:


"The Mighty Writers mission - teaching kids to think clearly so they can write clearly and thus express themselves clearly - seems more relevant than ever (#covfefe). And with a series called 'Girl Power Voices' and classes on fake news and political protests, Whitaker and Loeper make good writing resonate with younger generations."


Upcoming Mighty Writers writing classes cover political protest movements, feminism via Beyoncé, comic books about immigration, the music business, inventions and patents, board games, and more. http://mightywriters.org