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8 October, 2021Print

Aimi Debuts AI-Powered music Experiences from Dauwd & Gene On Earth

Today, in its latest pair of artist partnerships, AI-powered music platform Aimi offers listeners brand new Experiences of entirely bespoke, unreleased material from two of Berlin’s most boundary-pushing producers: Dauwd (Phonic System) and Gene On Earth(Nuggin’ It Up).

Featuring at least an album’s worth of sounds, ideas and musical motifs presented as one endless, constantly-evolving composition, each Experience is conceived by the artist, continuously arranged by Aimi's AI, and molded by the individual mood of the listener. As artists and fans are freed from the confines of songs, playlists and the static recordings of traditional music streaming, the result is “akin to a live DJ concert experience - a kind of AI Ibiza - but one created in a fraction of the time and essentially infinite in length” (Axios).

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Through premium tier Aimi+, currently available free on mobile app stores for a limited period of time, fans can access these endless listening Experiences from Dauwd, Gene On Earth, Tensnake, Steffi, Roska, Soul Clap, Cassy, Catz 'n Dogz, Appleblim, Shanti Celeste and dozens more of the world’s most forward-thinking DJs and musicians, who are embracing artificial intelligence to create and present their work like never before.

As a skilled engineer and integral member of Berlin night and radio show African Acid Is The Future, Dauwd’s ability to balance between sprawling genres is both an exercise in restriction and a singular, sometimes thrillingly uncertain process of experimentation. The US-born, Wales-raised artist has released music on notable labels such as Ninja Tune, Ghostly International and Kompakt, but his groove-heavy Aimi+ Experience Phonic System further explores the dynamic of using technological constraints to achieve maximum creativity.

“Words are made up of phonics, they are the sounds that are pieced together to create words. Phonics make words, words make sentences, which make stories, so I guess I am making phonics.” - Dauwd

Influenced by the digger community surrounding Berlin’s party, DJ crew and mobile record shop, The Ghost, Gene On Earth has developed a style of slick, reduced house music delivered with a laid-back warmth and smirking sense of humor. His Aimi+ Experience, Nuggin’ It Up, stays rooted in swing and groove while capturing the newest sounds coming out of the city, and maintaining his signature, personal touch. 

“Working with Aimi’s AI as a collaboration has been a fun and challenging experience. Having never done anything like this before it was cool to see how the AI took the music I had created and continuously arranged it into something new every time I listened back.” - Gene On Earth


About Aimi 

Aimi is a revolutionary breakthrough in generative music that will fundamentally change the way the art form is created, consumed and ultimately monetized. The platform delivers endless, immersive compositions that are crafted by artists, powered by artificial intelligence and molded by the mood of each individual user. For fans of electronic music, Aimi offers a new form of listening - one that is adaptable and ever-evolving.


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