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29 April, 2020Print

Alex Ebert Goes Late-Night Sci-Fi In “King Killer” Video

Releases Latest Chapter In the Indie Trailblazer’s Album-Centric Short Film Collection -- WATCH HERE


Today, Alex Ebert has dropped the short film accompaniment for his song “King Killer”, unleashing a cartoonish and provocative video that plays out like a late-night sci-fi art film. With otherworldly visuals, a laser battle, inflated purple creatures, and Ebert playing a monstrous king-like beast, “King Killer” is the most absurdly profound short film to come out as a part of his current ‘I vs I’ album music project.

The video is a perfect accompaniment to the space-age rap song about ego and confronting the fraudulently powerful.

“Defiance has its wisdom, even in its most belligerent forms,” Alex Ebert told FLOOD“I am occupying such form here, in defiance not only of our president and other assorted “geniuses”, but in defiance of myself - as I know myself to be the greatest of them all - and, so, must not spare myself, either. King Killer, am I.”

The “King Killer” video follows the release of the clip for “Stronger (Future Suit Mix)”which was an inspired continuation of Ebert’s recent performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this year where he donned an oversized suit that turned him into a living green-screen allowing images of outer space, workout videos, and a bar color test screen to be displayed on him.

Both “King Killer” and “Stronger” are cuts off Alex’s recent solo album ‘I vs I’ which was covered by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Flaunt and KCRW, and continues his legacy as one of music’s most eclectic, indefinably prolific artists. Whether for founding much-beloved groups like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot, for his Golden Globe-winning original score for 2014’s “All Is Lost”, or for the series of thought-provoking, soul-stirring, and captivating short art films he’s created surrounding the tracks off ‘I vs I’, Alex has become a beacon of creativity within the indie world over the past two decades.

The visuals for ‘I vs I’ unfold like a diverse collection of artful short stories including the trippy biological footage of “Fluid”, the backseat free-love roadtrip found in “Automatic Youth”, the spiritual beachside community in “Hands Up”, and the first-person home-movie aesthetic of “Her Love”.

The current full collection of short films from ‘I vs I’ is available to view HERE.




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