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7 August, 2023Print

Amanda Seales Brings Laughter to Legislation in New Independent Political-Comedy Documentary, In Amanda We Trust 

Out August 18 via Patreon

Today, comedian, radio host, multi-hyphenate, and social justice advocate Amanda Seales officially announces her all-new political-comedy documentary In Amanda We Trust. Out August 18 via Patreon, the project promises to be a tour-de-force, demonstrating Seales' unwavering commitment to using comedy as a powerful tool to address crucial issues and inspire real-world impact. With her keen understanding of the socio-political landscape and a razor-sharp sense of humor, Seales is the voice we need now more than ever. 

The current state of government is so overrun by fools and pseudo culture wars that everyday people have turned to a new hope for change – Amanda Seales? The political-comedy doc follows the comedian in Washington DC on a journey of curiosity to find out if she could (or should) run for political office. Joining her are some familiar political faces, including members of The Squad, Rep Jamaal Bowman and Rep Ilhan Omar, who both provide expert insight from crafting bills to who is more difficult to work with: 8th graders or Republicans. Having spoken to the people who speak for the people, Seales decides to go directly to the streets. Perched between the National African American Museum of History and Culture and the Washington Monument, she approaches everyday people and tests them on civics vs. pop culture, gathering a better idea of what folks really know about government.

In Amanda We Trust finds Seales at her most authentic self as the project was produced independently by her very own Smart, Funny & Black Productions, embracing the creative freedom that comes with autonomy from Hollywood. In a time where the world needs a good laugh and some real talk about what's happening, this special serves as a catalyst for important conversations and stimulates folks to engage in the democratic process.

"I am so proud of 'In Amanda We Trust'," says Seales. “Not only because it is truly a labor of love and we made it from the ground up, but also because it speaks directly to my goal of using comedy to amplify civic and social issues."

Watch the trailer above HERE

Prepare for an uproarious, thought-provoking, and inspiring experience as Seales takes the screen and aims to leave audiences not only in stitches, but also motivated to engage actively in shaping a brighter future. In Amanda We Trust will be available via Patreon August 18. For more information and updates on In Amanda We Trust, please visit and



Amanda Seales is a comedian and creative visionary with a Master’s in African American studies from Columbia University. Seamlessly blending humor and intellect, her unique style of smart funny content spans various genres across the entertainment and multimedia landscape. She is best known for her iconic role as “Tiffany DuBois” of HBO’s Insecure and her debut comedy special, I Be Knowin. Ms. Seales is a former cohost on daytime talk show, The Real, host of NBC’s Bring the Funny and the host/writer of the groundbreaking 2020 BET Awards. Amanda speaks truth to change via her wildly popular Instagram, weekly podcast Small Doses, and book by the same name. Centering community building in her comedy, she is also the creator and host of the touring variety game show, Smart Funny & Black. Late last year, Amanda Seales officially added “radio host” to her ever-growing list of achievements. With the launch of The Amanda Seales Show, a partnership partnered with Radio One and Reach Media, Seales became the first Black woman with her own syndicated radio show, which reaches Houston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Columbus, Richmond, Toledo, and more.


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