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29 July, 2022Print

Ariana And The Rose Opens The Doors To Her ‘Lonely Hearts Club’



Today, "beloved indie pop guru" (Paper) Ariana and the Rose releases her debut album ‘Lonely Hearts Club’, an expertly crafted collection that bridges together celebratory joy, heartfelt empowerment, and irresistible playfulness to create an album that feels electrically alive. 

The album showcases the kind of communal transcendence that’s hugely essential after being in a time of so much isolation and uncertainty. Both hedonistic and high-concept, ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ drifts between unbridled escapism and catharsis, infusing even the most euphoric songs with a heady emotionality. Album highlights include “Cosmic Lover” representing the art of desire, “Every Body” serving as “an electric invitation to the dance floor” (Paper), and “Setting Me Free” feeling like a personal mantra to let go of all that holds us back. The album is also home to the charisma and charm that has earned Ariana a strong social media following, showcased on tracks like irreverently lustful “London Boys” and the ultimate kiss-off anthem “Fuck Boy”. And with “If New York Is Dead, Then Bury Me With Her”, Ariana delivers a powerful and emotional dedication to the perseverance of the Big Apple.

"I am so excited to be putting this album into the world," said Ariana of today's release. "It is a collection of songs that explore all the different versions of myself, what it means to heal, release and ultimately move on. My hope is that this album feels like dance music music catharsis and gets people dancing, crying and smiling."

Ariana’s star is on the rise having recently made her late night TV debut on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, surpassing 10 million streams and four million video views, amassing over 3.5 million reel views on Instagram, garnering more than 72K followers on TikTok (where her videos have drawn over 12 million views and accumulated over two million likes), and becoming a go-to NYC nightlife curator with her immersive music and art party “light + space”.


‘Lonely Hearts Club’ Track Listing

  1. Cosmic Lover
  2. Lonely Hearts Club
  3. Every Body
  4. Fuck Boy
  5. Did I Tell You
  6. Interlude: Best Friend
  7. Best Friend
  8. The Night
  9. Interlude: Madonna/ Whore Complex
  10. London Boys
  11. If New York Is Dead, Then Bury Me With Her
  12. Call It Closure
  13. Setting Me Free
  14. Epilogue (this is a song)


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