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11 October, 2017Print

Ariana and the Rose Presents “light + space” at House of Yes on Nov 16

A Celestial Studio 54-Inspired Party in Bushwick, Ariana and the Rose Presents "light + space" at House of Yes on Nov 16

Ariana and the Rose Curates Immersive Live Music Party: light + space

On November 16, "technicolored synthpop powerhouse" (Nylon) Ariana and the Rose will host light + space, an immersive live music party, at House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY).

After cutting her teeth in not only the music industry but also the NYC experimental theater world, Ariana has created a five-hour event (doors: 9PM) comprised of interactive theater, a DJ set and a live performance by Ariana herself. More than just a concert, light + space hearkens back to the club culture of the 80s and 90s while channeling a cosmic aesthetic, or as Ariana describes it "Studio 54 in outer space."

Fully realized characters will inhabit the event and interact with guests who will also be required to dress in their celestial finest and their own otherworldly dance attire, glitter is a must. There will also be costumes, a glitter bar and activations to fully immerse the audience in the light + space experience.

Event trailer here:


"Growing up in New York, I have been lucky to be exposed to so many different mediums of theater, music and art," says Ariana. "[light + space] is a culmination of everything I have experienced performing in theater shows and touring with a band. It's somewhere that gives people a singular place to go to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster, feel the pulse of a bass line through their spine and share their experience with a total stranger."

Ariana and the Rose has been called "a walking piece of art, poised yet whimsical" by LadyGunn and has received additional praise from the likes of Billboard, Complex, Vice Noisey, Vogue and more for her 'Retrograde' EP. She also previously curated light + space events in the UK, being spotlighted by Red Bull in a short video documentary:

You can listen to the 'Retrograde' EP in full here via Billboard and there will be more music coming soon:

Official Website:

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