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11 March, 2019Print

Art Students League of New York presents New York- Centric Exhibition

Curated by Artist and Art Students League Instructor James Little; On Display From March 5th - May 1st in the American Fine Arts

On Thursday, March 7th, The Art Students League hosted an opening reception for their exhibition of geometric and pictorial abstract art curated by seasoned artist and ASL instructor James Little. The gallery was completely filled for the reception as friends, press and fellow students of the Art Students League drank prosecco and listened to James Little make opening remarks about his exhibition New York Centric. The exhibit highlights the energy captured by the convergence of color and structure and is on display from March 5th till May 1st in the American Fine Arts Society Gallery of the Art Students League (215 West 57th street).

New York - Centric is an exhibition dedicated to color, color theory, design, and expressionism. All of the work on display was produced in New York during the latter half of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century and fundamentally, this exhibition is about why artists choose paint as a medium, what they do with it and how it remains relevant.  

Karen Wilkin, New York-based independent curator and art critic specializing in 20th- century modernism said this about New York - Centric: 

“The paintings on view range from Robert Swain’s meticulous codification of color relationships to Larry Poons’ explosive tangle of unstable, unnamable hues; from Al Loving’s illusionistic demonstration of how chroma and texture can disrupt even the most lucid geometry, to Stanley Boxer’s affirmation of the materiality of paint itself; from Gabriele Evertz’s disciplined array of colored bands to Ed Clark’s apparently spontaneous, over-scaled swipes of modulated hues; and much, much more.”

James Little is known for creating his own colors with pure pigment and beeswax and wields his self-made paints to produce geometric colorful pieces. Little lives and works in NYC, holds a BFA from the Memphis Academy of Art and an MFA from Syracuse University. This exhibition is just one of Little's many accolades as he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe.  

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Artists presenting works in New York - Centric: Stanley Boxer, Dan Christensen, Ed Clark, Tom Evans, Gabriele Evertz, Charles Hinman, Stewart Hitch, Bill Hutson, Ronnie Landfield, James Little, Al Loving, James Austin Murray, Margaret Neill, Douglas Ohlson, Larry Poons, Peter Reginato, Robert Swain, Alma Thomas, Thornton Willis and Mark Zimmermann.


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