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26 October, 2016Print

Bon Iver displays “profound beauty and ambition” (LA Times) on initial US dates

Bon Iver displays "profound beauty and ambition" (LA Times) on initial US dates

This week Bon Iver will wrap up the first run of US performances following the release of their acclaimed new album '22, A Million' on Jagjaguwar. Fronted by Justin Vernon, the new live show features frequent Bon Iver collaborators Michael Lewis, Sean Carey, Matt McCaughan, and Andrew Fitzpatrick, plus a saxophone section dubbed the Sad Sax of Shit. Live reviews so far have been stellar, with the LA Times praising the band's Beach Goth set for its "profound beauty and ambition," and San Francisco Weekly calling the tour opener at Oakland's Fox Theater "a stunning visual and aural display, confounding what most are likely to think pop music is supposed to sound like."


More raves:


"Triumphant...his varied catalog felt like parts of a continuous whole instead of four competing visions; again and again, Vernon was able to renovate his older tracks and make them sound wholly modern without compromising the features that made them great in the first place." -MTV News


"Astral folk rendered on an eternal had to watch intently, shirk your phone and conversation to keep up. It gently forced the crowd to be fully in the moment in a way that many arena shows can't" -Uproxx


"Gorgeous, emotionally resonant. Vernon has found a way to turn the chaos of modernity’s never-ending torrent of information into enthralling, ravishing music."


"Bon Iver has taken on a new form, and it is glorious. This performance cannot be described to any point of justice; only experienced." -Grimy Goods


'22, A Million' debuted at #1 on the U.S. Current Albums chart, and in the Top 10 in thirteen additional countries. Next up they will play a series of NYC-area shows in December, which sold out instantly. For a full list of dates go to: