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11 November, 2020Print

Book of Kids’ Writing from Quarantine Out on Giving Tuesday, December 1

Thirty young writers, ages eight through eighteen, reflect on their experiences, their fears, their hopes, and the meaning of this moment in history. 

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Throughout the first months of quarantine, Philadelphia-based non-profit Mighty Writers encouraged their students to explore their thoughts and fears in writing. Now the organization has collected thirty of the most powerful essays and poems in the new book Writing From Quarantine: In the Words of Mighty Kids, which will be released on Giving Tuesday, December 1st.

“Through spring and into summer, our Mighty kids kept writing,” Mighty Writers founder Tim Whitaker writes in the forward. “And often their stories focused on how they were feeling and how they were dealing. Some of those stories have landed in the pages of this book, which was guided respectfully by Kyra Spence, the book’s editor. It’s been a tough time, for sure. A lot for all of us to process. But in these stories you can feel the power that writing holds.”

“Secrecy, confinement, and loneliness are now my daily usual,” 11-year old Anushka Dar writes. “Although I have adjusted to the new world around me, I am scared out of my mind,” writes 15-year old Gavriella Perez. “The coronavirus is going to find us. I feel like it’s right behind us,” 11-year old Samuel Wright writes.

As spring turned to summer, police shootings and Black Lives Matter began to dominate the news, and the kids’ writing reflects that too. 15-year old Kiamuya Mazama writes, “What do you expect me to do? How you gonna claim a country that does not want you? Don’t call the cops. They probably gonna hunt you. You don’t want to hear it, but it is the sad truth.”

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About Mighty Writers

Mighty Writers was founded in 2009 with the mission to teach kids to think clearly and write with clarity. The organization offers free programs for students from elementary through high school at nine centers in diverse neighborhoods around Philadelphia and New Jersey, including several bilingual locations for Spanish-speaking students. Mighty Writers offers daily afterschool academies, long- and short-term writing classes nights and weekends, teen scholar programs, mentorships, College Prep courses and college essay writing classes. Over 400 of the city’s best creative minds (writers, teachers, journalists, etc.) teach 150 writing classes a year to 3,500 kids at Mighty Writers annually.

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