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23 September, 2020Print

Bree Runway Debuts New Song “Little Nokia” 

Bree Runway Debuts New Song Little Nokia


Photo Credit: Lucero Glow

Bree Runway - “pop-rap superstar of the future” (Guardian) releases her futuristic and vibrant new single “Little Nokia.”

A bad bitch anthem with a powerful pop-synth narrative, “Little Nokia” is a high energy track that encapsulates Bree’s own strand of ‘Destructive pop’ all delivered with Bree’s trademark swagger;

“I’m all about mixing and blending genres, melodies, topics from different realms. To be speaking on hood affairs, with a pop melody on a rock-infused beat is the most Bree Runway thing ever. I remember storming into the studio being pretty much done with the dude I’m singing about and needed something AGGRESSIVE to lay my words on and it honestly came together like magic. He’s too busy dealing with kylie, madonna and justin (drug refs) and not enough time to attend to me and I hated it, I had to channel the energy in a huge explosive way and I could not imagine a better way to do it!”

This same energy is matched in the “Little Nokia” music video, a thrilling depiction of power and vengeance. Never one to be pushed to the side, Bree is as indestructible as an actual Nokia. Directed by Ali Kurr, Bree sings and dances her way through “Little Nokia”’s hard-hitting bars with a fierce attitude and the outfits to match. 


The release of “Little Nokia” comes just a few months after “Gucci,” which PAPER called “instantly addictive” and COMPLEX lauded as a “bold and unforgettable banger.” A collaboration with New York-based Maliibu Miitch, “Gucci” is an in-your-face celebration of confidence and beauty with a visually opulent video to match. Other recent releases include the 80s-inspired “Damn Daniel” and Missy Elliot cosigned “Apeshit.” 

Channeling her distinct creative energy into one project after the next, Bree has picked up some significant endorsements leading up to the release of “Little Nokia,” including Missy Elliot, Aminé and Rihanna. Most recently, Campbell Addy selected Bree as one of 21 creatives and activists shaking up London’s art, music, film and fashion scenes for an exclusive feature in Harper’s Bazaar



Citing influences that range from Queen, Busta Rhymes and the Ghanian Highlife music Bree’s father raised her on, there is little about Bree Runway that can be confined to just one label. Bree first began making music after setting up a £200 DIY studio in her bedroom, where she single-handedly created her debut EP RNWY 01. A modern Renaissance woman, Bree continues to be in charge of the production and writing of her music, as well as the styling and art direction of her eye-popping music videos. In addition to her immense creativity, Bree is a champion of social issues like racism and sexism, drawing on her own experiences with colorism and bullying as a child to convey powerful messages in and out of her songs. 

The success of her 2019 EP Be Runway catapulted Bree into the spotlight. Dazed named the release one of the “10 best moments of 2019,” and she recently topped GQ’s “Musicians to Make 2020 Better” list.

With her range of talents, abstract vision and infectious charm, pop phenomenon Bree Runway continues to forge her own path and looks set to be a huge one to watch for 2021!


Praise for Bree Runway: 

“Hackney’s pop-rap newcomer is blazing a trail”

— The Guardian

“so fucking cool” 

— i-D

“musical wunderkind”

— Essence

“a renegade without restraint”