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28 April, 2020Print

Bree Runway New Single ‘Apeshit’ Out Now


Blending from pop to rap, it’s sensory overload– that’s the sound and the power of Bree Runway”Dazed

“Bree Runway is about to be your new obsession” – V Magazine




Today, fast rising pop phenomenon, Bree Runway unveils fierce new single, ‘Apeshit’. The track follows the release of Bree’s debut EP, ‘Be Runway’ released late 2019 which prompted Dazed to include the E.P in their 10 best moments of the year and for Paper to name ‘2ON’ as one of their tracks of 2019.

A creative powerhouse and true visionary, Bree has quickly gained a devoted cult following and is already drawing comparisons to legendary trailblazers Grace Jones and Kelis. She’s also winning fans in the artist fraternity with Rihanna, Kehlani, Stormzy, Diplo, Jorja Smith and Noname all giving the rising star their seal of approval on socials. Yesterday Bree launched the video teaser for the track which clocked up over 100,000 views in a less than a couple of hours and sent fans into a frenzy with comparisons to the Queen herself, Missy Elliot who responded with her love for Bree.

Produced by Moon Willis, ‘Apeshit’ reiterates the message that ran through the Be Runway EP; one of empowerment, unfaltering self-belief and fearless creativity. Inspired by a comment on YouTube, it fully consolidates Bree’s growing reputation as one of the most exciting new artists around, with her intelligence, fierce championing of individualism and defiant confidence making her the perfect pop star and role model for 2020. Bree says,

“The inspiration for this song was definitely sparked by a comment I saw on YouTube on one of my videos, it said “At first when I started watching this I thought nah, she’s too much for me, but by the end of it I realised I wasn’t enough for her” -  it made me laugh so much because this is literally my life summed up, the people who are bothered by me doing the most aint doing enough. I just want this song to be the superhero theme song to those who are unapologetically themselves”

The unapologetic video for the song pays homage to the eclectic 90’s era MTV artists - Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani, The Neptunes, which the young Bree would listen to on repeat. ‘Apeshit’ is another genre-splicing track from Bree with a chorus that instantly bites, “My music is genre fluid. It’s pop, trap, dance, R&B, PC music – hell, it’s even sometimes country music! It’s everything,” Bree says. “Black women in music are always expected to sing R&B or soul: we are always boxed in. I’m always asked if I am a soul singer and I tell them, ‘No, actually I make very cut-throat, destructive pop that’s all genres and everything all at once.’”

Front and centre is Bree’s focus to remain self-assured in the face of criticism after being bullied at school for her appearance and skin colour. Tackling issues of body image and colourism in her music, Bree says ‘Apeshit’ is about not only feeling comfortable in your own skin, but “owning your lane” and “celebrating everything about yourself.” As Bree explains: “Apeshit is a middle finger to anybody who’s bothered by you doing you. Turn it up some more and pepper ’dem!”

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