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22 March, 2019Print

Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes Reaches #1 In America By Sales And Rentals


LOS ANGELES, CA – Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes is the #1 comedy special in America by sales and rentals.

Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes is currently available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Comcast, Dish, Xbox, Spectrum, Cox and Vimeo, amongst many others. 

Bryan Callen is best know for his recurring roles on ABC's The Goldberg's, and starring in his own ABC spinoff show Schooled. Bryan got his start as an original cast member of MAD TV. He then went on to play numerous roles on the small and big screen including, Old School, The Hangover 1 & 2, Bad Santa, Sex and the City, Entourage, Californication, 7th Heaven, King of Queens, Stacked, Las Vegas, West Wing, News Radio, Significant Others, CSI, NYPD Blue, Suddenly Susan, and Frasier.

Bryan's podcast, The Fighter & The Kid with Brendan Schaub has been top rated on iTunes for the past several years. Callen tours the world as a solo stand up comedian, as well as in tandem with Schaub. Bryan's latest special Never Grow Up was met with great reviews.


A message from Bryan Callen regarding his new special, Complicated Apes:

“If we want a better world then it might be a good idea to stop thinking of those people over there as something you can capture in a few words like white, black, Muslim, immigrant, liberal, conservative, gay, straight and so on, because that’s how you describe NOUNS. Human beings are not nouns. They are VERBS. Always changing, multilayered, multidimensional, full of potential INDIVIDUALS. Sinners, saints and everything in between, THANK GOD. Mankind is too complicated an ape to categorize! Social media has brought us together-sorta! It’s brought us closer to those we already agree with. It’s made it so much easier to purify our echo chambers! Its making us as tribal as our ancestors. Now the good news is I’ve provided all the answers to these problems in this special and it’s less than an hour long!  Please watch with pen and note pad in hand. Thank you and you’re welcome.”

Bryan Callen: Complicated Apes was directed by Brian Volk-Weiss and produced by Cisco Henson.

“Working with Bryan for the release of Complicated Apes has been a real pleasure. Not only is he incredibly professional, passionate and driven about his craft, but he is a genuinely great human being.” said Brian Volk-Weiss, CEO of Comedy Dynamics.

Founded by Brian Volk-Weiss, Comedy Dynamics, a Nacelle company, is the largest independent comedy production and distribution company, producing the reboot of Mad About You featuring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, Netflix’s Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, Netflix’s The Toys That Made UsJim Gaffigan: Noble Ape, The CW’s Discontinued, Animal Planet’s Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson, the scripted comedy on Hulu There’s… Johnny!, History’s Join Or Die with Craig Ferguson, MTV2’s Wild ’N On Tour, and Hulu’s Coming To The Stage. Comedy Dynamics began releasing original films in theaters and will release the acclaimed independent film Slut in a Good Way in Spring of 2019In 2017 the Comedy Dynamics Network (CDN) was launched and currently distributes specials, television shows and films to all major transactional platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, PlayStation, Xbox and many major telco & satellite providers, including AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Dish, and Verizon.   The company has worked with a wide range of established and emerging comedic talent including Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Ali Wong, David Cross, and many more. 17 Comedy Dynamics releases have been Grammy-nominated (with two wins), including all 5 in the Comedy Album category for the 61stAnnual Grammy Awards.