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29 April, 2024Print

Chance the Rapper Fuses Afro-Futurism with Kill Bill in New Video “Buried Alive” 

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Today, Chance the Rapper releases new music video “Buried Alive.” On this track, Chance explores themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. "Buried Alive" delves into the depths of the human spirit, echoing Chance's signature blend of introspection and infectious energy. The video opens with Chance trapped inside a box, reminiscent of the iconic scene from the cult classic film Kill Bill: Volume 2 (celebrating its 20th anniversary). As the tension builds, Chance breaks free from his confines, embarking on a journey of self-actualization and defiance. As he emerges, Chance finds himself in a surreal environment, surrounded by the vast expanse of space. With Earth visible in the distance, he approaches a window, gazing out at the cosmic panorama before him. It's a moment of revelation, symbolizing freedom from the constraints of the past and a newfound sense of possibility.


"Getting back to directing and shaping the cinematography for the 'Buried Alive' music video was really a rewarding return for me,” says Chance the Rapper. “Film provides me a platform to translate my creative vision into a tangible, immersive experience, while also capturing the grandeur of the cosmos.” He continues, “Throughout this project, I’ve been using film as a translator for some of the heavier or more fantastical themes in my lyrics. Auteurs like Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, and now Quentin Tarantino have greatly influenced my eye as a director and DP, while providing me a medium that allows these conversations of liberation and catharsis to speak loudly."


Stream and watch “Buried Alive” here


Chance recently debuted his latest interdisciplinary work, “The Last Stair,” in collaboration with Chicago-born, Florence-based painter Thelonious Stokes at EXPO Chicago, The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art. From April 11 - April 14, the large-scale Oil on Canvas work was on view for the first time ever. Chance and Thelonious also delivered a keynote at the Expo with Asma Naeem Ph.D. (Baltimore Museum of Art), moderated by Nate Freeman (Vanity Fair). The conversation focused on the latest work and hip-hop’s ever-present influence on modern art.


Chance has been carefully curating all aspects of his next project, Star Line Gallery. The project sees Chance intertwine the worlds of art, music, and cinematography through a series of interdisciplinary works in collaboration with fine artists from The Continent and The Diaspora. The resulting pieces redefine the notion of ‘album art’ and are compelling conversations and meditations on Black life. Star Line Gallery works “Child of God” (collaboration with Gabonese artist and painter Naïla Opiangah), “A Bar About A Bar” (collaboration with Chicago-based painter Nikko Washington and filmmaker Troy Gueno), “The Highs & The Lows” feat. Joey Bada$$ (collaboration with Gabonese photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga), and "YAH Know" (collaboration with Chicago-based visual artist Mía Lee) have been showcased at art institutions around the world including Expo Chicago, Art Basel, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), The Art Institute of Chicago, and Los Angeles’ Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA).