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19 February, 2021Print

Trailblazing Punk Rebel-Rouser Cher Strauberry Releases Debut Solo Record June 18

Trailblazing Punk Rebel-Rouser Cher Strauberry Releases Debut Solo Record June 18

‘Chering Is Caring’ Captures A Life of Hard-Fought Success, Self-Actualization & Hangtime With Bikini Kill


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Today, Cher Strauberry, the most exciting new voice in punk music & a trailblazing groundbreaker within the transgender community, announces ‘Chering Is Caring’, an audio experience that defies easy categorization. Out June 18th on Silver Arrow Records, the record plays out like an immersive alt zine meets a DIY punk show meets an audio diary (recorded nearly entirely on a microcassette player & walkman).

Check out first single “Down n Out” and its self-shot music video that takes place entirely in Cher’s Bed Stuy bedroom. 

‘Chering Is Caring’ brings together recordings from the past two years of Cher’s life, including major losses and heartaches, explosive moments of joy and love, and no-holds-barred punk ruminations on where life has brought her to this point. It bridges together her adolescent obsession with “zine culture”  (her favorites include “Cometbus”, “SCAM”, and “Doris”, and she is the curator of her own collection of zines as well), her deep connection with the 90s Riot Grrrl movement, and her own journey of self-discovery, to create an experience that is enlightening, enveloping and more than a little charming.

The heart of the record lies in an adventure documented on the album, where Cher and her friend Zits drove three days to attend two back-to-back Bikini Kill shows in early May 2019. Sleeping in Zit’s car, painting graffiti en-route, eating in diners, and going backstage at the shows, the journey is chronicle on the album with a peppering of guest appearances and vocal notes from Kathleen Hanna, Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile, Seth Bogart from Hunx and His Punx, and the iconic KROQ DJ Rodney Biggenheimer.

“I am unexpectedly proud of this record haha," said Cher. "It’s all the songs I was never gonna release but I'm happy I did. It’s a mixtape of my life from the past two years and when I listen to it i could cry or giggle and everything in between. <3”

At 14, Cher was gifted the hand-me-down microcassette player she largely recorded ‘Chering Is Caring’ on from her older sister who used it to record college lectures. With no computer, Cher carried the device around with her for years while she was a teenage runaway in the Bay Area, recording songs, interviews, personal thoughts and creative notes that compelled her. From learning to play Beatles covers on her grandmother’s old acoustic guitar, to mastering the pro-skateboarding world (she is the first trans female pro-skateboarder, has a partnership with Vans, her own skateboarding company, has been featured in Thrasher, and has a board in the Smithsonian), to now with her triumphant, joyous and explosive debut solo record, Cher has always played by her own rules, earning a legion of fans inspired by her fun-loving nature and perseverance including the famous likes of Chris Robinson and Stephan Jenkins




‘Chering Is Caring’ Tracklist

  1. Keyboard Cringe
  2. Swish & Spit
  3. Instermental
  4. Rodney Biggenheimer
  5. I'll Be Waiting
  6. Down n Out
  7. I Think I Like Yew
  8. Don't Miss Yew (Tiger Beat)
  9. Put Me Down
  10. Cute Pit
  11. I'm Hurting, You're Hurting
  12. Kathleen Hanna
  13. I'm Confused (The Muffs Cover)
  14. Erica Lyle
  15. Winter 94 (Henry’s Dress)
  16. Balloons
  17. Pressure Demo
  18. Seth Bogart & Allison Wolfe
  19. Interlude 1
  20. Will This Go Bad?
  21. Sippin Coffee
  22. Gemini
  23. Interlude 2
  24. Lunch
  25. Boy
  26. Unreleasable Demo
  27. One Minute Song
  28. Bikini Kill
  29. Failure to Send
  30. Voicemail
  31. Stop

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