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23 April, 2021Print

Chris Bosh Approaches Writing Like Free Throws

Debut Book Letters To A Young Athlete Out June 1 (Penguin Press)

Chris Bosh’s work ethic has taken him to the pinnacles of athletic achievement — 11 All-Star appearances, 2 NBA championship rings, an Olympic gold medal — and he has redirected that discipline into his new career as a writer and author of Letters To A Young Athlete (Penguin, June 1 pub date.). 

Bosh has nurtured his nascent writing interest with advice he received from two separate luminaries. First was Kobe Bryant, who assured Chris that he could translate the work ethic he honed in his basketball career to writing. Second was Texas rap legend Bun B (of UGK), who emphasized the need for a daily habit that yielded a large output. Now Bosh writes down words like he used to put up shots — he aims for over 1000 words a day — and has built up a considerable body of work, over 200,000 words in the past year. 

He also produces a weekly newsletter The Last Chip that recounts his time as part of the Miami Heat’s Big 3 and recently authored an op-ed for The Player’s Tribune that critiques the inequities of college athletics.

Letters To A Young Athlete finds Chris Bosh sharing letters of guidance not only to young athletes but to anyone seeking guidance to leadership and success. With a foreword by Miami Heat President and mentor Pat Riley, Letters To A Young Athlete chronicles Bosh’s journey to excellence, from a youth dedicated to basketball practices and robotics club competitions to a legendary playing career, Bosh elaborates his approach to the inner game of success — the right attitude, right commitment, right flow within a team — with a thoughtful and personal approach that resonates down to his personal sign-off at the end of each chapter.

Chris Bosh is a father of five children, an advocate for technology education in underserved communities, a musician and a music executive. He’s produced tracks for Gucci Mane and heads his own Austin based label, Daddy Jack, which looks to be extremely active in the latter stages of 2021.


Praise For Letters To A Young Athlete

“Whether you want to improve as an athlete or just gain a more thoughtful perspective on this game of life, you will be inspired by this book!” — Erik Spoelstra


Letters to a Young Athlete is a thoughtful, helpful manual for aspiring athletes to follow. The strength of the individual is the team and the strength of the team is the individual. Chris Bosh says all that and more to young athletes.” — Phil Jackson

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