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22 March, 2019Print

A 180 for Daniel Tashian, Who Follows His Musgraves’ GRAMMY Win with First Kid’s Album

A 180 for Daniel Tashian, Who Follows His Musgraves' GRAMMY Win with First Kid's Album

Last month, producer/songwriter Daniel Tashian took home his first GRAMMY for his work on Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour, on which he co-wrote seven songs and produced with Ian Fitchuk. Tashian shared the prize for Album of the Year (Golden Hour also won for Best Country Album). Now, the hit songwriter is doing a 180: he is releasing his first children's album, I Love Rainy Days, May 3rd on Big Yellow Dog Music.

The father of three young girls, Tigerlily, Matilda, and Tinkerbell, Tashian was inspired by his children to create a record that families can enjoy together. The album is in a sense a collaborative record that also features vocals from his daughters. You can watch the Tashian clan behind the wheel of a car in this playful video preview of the song “Driving With You." Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfI26K7m-Z8


You can play the whole song here: https://fanlink.to/DrivingWithYou


Tashian says, "this is a chance to be subversive and make my version of something - so in the case of children’s music (which - is sort of silly, like isn’t ALL music children’s music? ) I could make music involving my kids but something that had just a touch of sophistication to it so that I might like it. I want young voices to feel that they are represented, but not something that’s pandering, that is too dumb. Or that mistakes children’s intelligence as being low. Basically I like that these songs have (some of them) a bit of mystery about them and I believe in the instincts and intelligence of young people.”

Tashian has been sending his friend and Big Yellow Dog Music colleague Tenille Townes (he produced her Living Room Worktapes EP last year) songs from the album. Her reaction? "We’ve all got a little kid inside us that needs to be reminded of these messages, and he’s done it in such beautiful sounding songs. This project not only represents Daniel as an incredible musician and writer but as an amazing dad."

I Love Rainy Days will be released May 3rd on Big Yellow Dog Music, where Tashian has been a songwriter and recording artist since 2009. Pre-order today: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-love-rainy-days/1451888893?app=itunes

A diverse songwriter and producer who has a knack for helping artists develop their sound, Tashian also is the lead singer of The Silver Seas, which has released several critically acclaimed albums in the US and UK, and also produced the new Lily & Madeleine album Canterbury Girls.


I Love Rainy Days track listing. All songs written and performed by Daniel Tashian.

1. I Love Rainy Days

2. Driving With You

3. The Letters

4. Counting Song

5. Blue Sky

6. Little Star

7. Walk Tall

8. Nightbird

9. Someone With A Dream

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