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1 November, 2018Print

Dirty Projectors Debut Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix Of (I Wanna) Feel It All From New Album Lamp Lit Prose

Dirty Projectors Debut Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix Of "(I Wanna) Feel It All" From New Album 'Lamp Lit Prose'

Residency Tour Begins Tonight In Oakland, Also Includes Multi-Night Stands In LA, Chicago, Brooklyn
LISTEN AT THE FADER: https://bit.ly/2P2Qu1j


Today, Dirty Projectors release a shimmering, spectral Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix of "(I Wanna) Feel It All." The original track appears on Dirty Projectors' critically acclaimed new album 'Lamp Lit Prose,' out now on Domino.

""Feel It All" is one of my favorites on the new album," says Dave Longstreth. "For me it's got one of those child-is-the-father-of-the-man types of energies, the whole span of a life in the blink of an eye. It's a song about experience, and it's an optimistic song: reflecting back on the breadth of one's lived moments, large and small, sweet, bitter and everything in between, and -- instead of weary indifference or pessimistic disavowal -- saying 'yes, I want to feel it all!'"

"Back in the late '90s, Katy Davidson was my first tape-trading friend and sort of my first songwriting mentor. Their presence in this track (which I am honored and chuffed to present) adds to that sense of the cyclical nature of time, creativity, and human relationships."

Listen to "(I Wanna) Feel It All (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix)" at The Fader: https://bit.ly/2P2Qu1j

Following 2017's self-titled 'Dirty Projectors,' the "feel-good mutant soul" (Vulture) of 'Lamp Lit Prose' has been deemed "impossible to resist" (The Guardian) and "an unparalleled original" (Uproxx). Says The New York Times: "'Lamp Lit Prose' faces the division between romantic bliss and political dread by purposefully seesawing between them...Even when Mr. Longstreth sings about mixed emotions, the music tilts towards exhilaration."

Dirty Projectors returned to touring this year after a five-year absence, with sold-out shows at Public Arts in New York, the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, The Crocodile in Seattle, and two sold-out dates at The Chapel in San Francisco, as well as festival appearances at the Roots Picnic, Boston Calling, Governors' Ball, Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, Green Man in the UK, Rock En Seine in Paris, and many more.

Tonight (11/1), Dirty Projectors return to the US in a series of residencies in their favorite cities -- New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland -- with setlists geared around the 'Lamp Lit Prose' album and appearances by some special guests in store.

Dirty Projectors is David Longstreth with Felicia Douglass (singing, percussion, keys), Kristin Slipp (singing, Rhodes, Wurlitzer), Maia Friedman (singing, guitar), Nat Baldwin (bass), and Mike Johnson (drums).

'Lamp Lit Prose' is available to purchase via the Domino Mart here.

Listen to the "(I Wanna) Feel It All (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix)" here.

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Tour Dates
11/01/18 - Oakland. CA - Starline Social Club
11/02/18 - Oakland. CA - Starline Social Club
11/03/18 - Oakland. CA - Starline Social Club
11/06/18 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
11/07/18 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
11/08/18 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
11/11/18 - Chicago, IL - Sleeping Village
11/12/18 - Chicago, IL - Sleeping Village
11/13/18 - Chicago, IL - Sleeping Village
11/18/18 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere (MATINEE + EVENING SHOWS)
11/19/18 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere







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