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29 March, 2020Print

Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci


Earlier today (3.29), Doctor Mike interviewed Dr. Fauci on the topic of COVID-19. It posted on YouTube and the topics include: 

*What is the yard stick that we're going to be using to measure when it maybe safe to curtail the social distancing? 

*Clinical trials and is there a medication or treatment that’s a front runner at this time?

*Young people seem to be more affected in the United States. Is that true, and if so, why here more than in China?

*The possibility of reinfection with COVID-19

*As a healthcare professional, when is it safe for us to return to work once we've either tested positive for COVID-19 or had a upper respiratory viral illness where we don't know if it was COVID-19? 

*Hoarding or customs? What’s the issue with hospitals not getting personal protective gear / N95 masks? 

*Is there point of care quick testing coming in the future? 

*Any guidance for us as physicians and what role do you think it plays in filling out death certificates? 


Watch the video, here:

Read the full transcript, here


Doctor Mike has more than 9 million followers on social media. You may have seen his words of encouragement and heard of his efforts to fight misinformation related to COVID-19 recently in The New York Times, Men's Health, on Buzzfeed, CNN, NowThis, PAPER, etc. 

In 2019, Medscape named Doctor Mike No. 1 on its list of the Top 20 doctors on social media. He’s based in New York City and practicing family medicine.


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