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10 February, 2015Print

Domino Kirke, Luke Temple Collaborate On Dreamy Four-Song EP, May 2015

Domino Kirke, Luke Temple Collaborate On Dreamy Four-Song EP, May 2015

Domino Kirke's new four-song collaboration with Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple, 'Independent Channel' EP (May 26th), grew from an unlikely seed - a Time Warner Cable bill. While it's certainly an atypical source of artistic inspiration, the bill served as the initial creative ice-breaker between Temple and Kirke. "I hadn't written with anyone in years," she recalls of their first session together, "so he just handed me a Time Warner Cable bill, and I started singing the words on it." The duo's musical connection that day was instantaneous, and the unassuming cable bill sparked a year long partnership. The result is a stunning, dreamy, four-song EP that showcases an entirely new side of Kirke's artistic personality, with haunting, ethereal melodies, swirling synthesizers, and enigmatic lyrics.

The EP opens with "Son," a richly layered, explosively percussive track that serves as a reflection on Kirke's experiences with motherhood, and is followed by "Birth Right," a track that the duo wrote together and wound up as an unintentional nod to Kirke's work as a birth coach and founder of Brooklyn-based doula collective, Carriage House Birth. The title track, with its looped vocal samples and nervy percussion, was born during that first day in Temple's apartment when Kirke picked up the fateful cable bill, while "Ordinary World" came together in the Catskills in a free flow of ideas between Kirke, Temple, and bassist/synth player Tyler Wood (Joan As Policewoman, Oh My Goodness), who joined in recording the EP.

Listen to Kirke's "entrancing" single "Ordinary World" off 'Independent Channel' on Entertainment Weekly - here

Kirke, whose 2013 solo debut 'The Guard' proved that "sometimes [a] creative streak just runs in the family" (Entertainment Weekly), grew up in an artistic household in New York City. She learned by example from her father, Simon Kirke, who played drums in Bad Company and Free. "My father toured a lot, so when he was home, I lived in his studio," says Kirke. "I was always writing with him, playing him what I wrote, or listening to him practice." Domino's penchant for music shone through from an early age - she studied classical voice and piano at the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City, signed her first record deal as a teenager - collaborating with Grammy-winning producer and artist Mark Ronson (Adele, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse) - and toured the world with everyone from Gang of Four to Lily Allen with her band DOMINO, which was also featured in Lena Dunham's acclaimed film 'Tiny Furniture.'

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