Esperanza Spalding Unveils “How To” From 12 Little Spells – Out On Digital/Physical Formats Next Friday May 10 (Concord) | Shore Fire Media

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3 May, 2019Print

Esperanza Spalding Unveils “How To” From 12 Little Spells – Out On Digital/Physical Formats Next Friday May 10 (Concord)



Today Esperanza Spalding has released more new music from her 12 Little Spells project in advance of release next week, when the album will be available in physical and download formats for the first time (May 10/Concord Records). Listen to “How To” here:  

“How To” is one of the four original bonus songs that Esperanza recently recorded for the expanded release. Each song on 12 Little Spells was written for a different part of the body, and Esperanza unveiled the first 12 songs over 12 days in October 2018, before the album appeared on streaming services. Last week she released “Lest We Forget.” Listen to both songs here: 

The 12-song, streaming-only version of the album appeared on a number of Best Of 2018 lists including NY Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard, and received effusive praise.

12 Little Spells was first penned by Spalding while on a writing retreat at a castle in Italy - inspired by the healing properties of art, how music and the body interact, and her interest in Reikki. Spalding recorded the album with her band in just a few days, and then released each spell with it’s own video on her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages over the course of 12 days. The videos have garnered a combined 4 million views and counting to date. In November and December she unveiled a completely new live concert - with a customized stage design, gowns designed for her by Diego Montoya, choreography and projected images – limited to just 12 performances. 

Order 12 Little Spells, including packages that range from signed test pressings and USB drives, colored vinyl and more:

Watch Esperanza and her band perform recently on the public radio show Live From Here:



“Truly intoxicating” 

New York Times / Top Albums and Best Jazz Albums of 2018 

“[Spalding] is well over a decade into one of the most fruitful and strikingly original careers in contemporary pop…the conceptual hook of 12 Little Spells only hints at the radically inventive nature of the songs themselves” 

Rolling Stone / Best Albums of 2018

Best Jazz of 2018 - Billboard

“Magic…pure imagination and also incredibly tactile” – NPR Music

“‘12 Little Spells’ joins a long line of her goddess foremothers in their innovation” – Paste

“The sound of a woman conjuring the contradictions, beauty, strangeness, and power of her body is deeply moving and very possibly magic” – Boston Globe

“Pure magic” – Mother Jones

“Dazzling” – Essence

“Esperanza’s most appealing album yet” – Brooklyn Vegan


12 Little Spells track list including 4 new bonus spells:

1. 12 Little Spells - Thoracic Spine

2. To Tide Us Over - Mouth

3. Til the Next Full - Eyes

4. Thang - Hips

5. Touch in Mine - Fingers

6. The Longing Deep Down - Abdominal Portal

7. You Have to Dance - Feet

8. Now Know- Solar Portal 

9. All Limbs Are - Arms 

10. Readying to Rise - Legs

11. Dancing the Animal - Mind/Brain

12. With Others - Ears 

13. Lest We Forget - Blood 

14. How To - Hair 

15. Move Many - Joints 

16. Ways Together - Shoulders