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10 August, 2017Print

Esperanza Spalding Wants To Sell You A Blank CD (Or LP)

Pre-Order New Album 'Exposure' Before She Livestreams The Entire Composing And Recording Process Via Facebook Starting Septembe


Esperanza Spalding wants to sell you a blank CD (or LP). Her unprecedented new album ‘Exposure’ is available for pre-order now via Concord Records, but she won’t begin composing, arranging or recording it until she steps into the studio on September 12 at 9AM pacific time, at which point she will create the album over a 77 hour period, broadcasting every second of the creative process to a global audience via Facebook Live.

‘Exposure’ will be strictly limited to a run of 7,777 physical copies including CD, LP and test pressings. All release formats are available for pre-order now on Esperanza’s web shop:

When she enters the studio on September 12, Esperanza will begin to map the contents of ‘Exposure’ – lyrics, song ideas, melodies, chord structures and more – onto a large paper scroll. Pieces of the scroll will in turn be incorporated into the artwork for each copy of ‘Exposure’ resulting in 7,777 unique artifacts of its inception (Esperanza will also sign each copy of the release).

Discussing ‘Exposure’ in a recent New York Times interview, Spalding explained, “I think of it creatively as a context where you give all that’s been cooking in there permission to come out at will.”  

The project is a fresh approach to making music in an ever-evolving industry. Esperanza will let her audience into the creative process by having a monitor in the studio with her that will reflect comments on the Facebook Live stream. Her creation will unfurl in front of fans in real time, and shortly thereafter will be delivered directly to the listener as a finished work.

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