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25 September, 2017Print

Esperanza Spalding’s New Album ‘Exposure’ (Concord Records) An Unprecedented Success

Esperanza Spalding's New Album 'Exposure' (Concord Records) An Unprecedented Success: 1.4 Million Views, Albums Sold Out

10-Song Album Written And Recorded In Just 77 Hours - Every Moment Streamed Via Facebook Live

For 77 hours straight last week, Esperanza Spalding attempted a grueling feat of musicianship: an artistic marathon that yielded not just a 10-song album, but a community of sleepless fans who watched every second streamed live on Facebook.

Her groundbreaking livestream garnered 1.4 million views, over 4 million minutes viewed, and nearly 400,000 reactions, comments and shares along the way. Before ‘Exposure’ ended, all 7,777 copies of the album (priced at $50) had sold out. 

Watch some of the many magical moments that unfolded during ‘Exposure’ here:


During the livestream, a passionate and unprecedented community spontaneously formed on Facebook, spawning countless memes, t-shirt designs, and its own Facebook group with thousands of members.

Fans even organized listening parties across the world, while some helped others raise funds to purchase the album. #Team77, as they called themselves, even gathered outside the studio in the final moments of the 77 hours to say thank you personally for bringing them along on her musical journey. 

Esperanza welcomed special guests Robert Glasper, Andrew Bird, and Lalah Hathaway into the studio, along with her band: Matthew Stevens (guitar), Ray Angry (keyboards), and Justin Tyson (drums).

Says Esperanza:

“What can I say?  EXPOSURE complete! And what a lovely sound picture. In real time, we revealed and created something out of nothing.  And that, more than music, lyrics, voice, composition, collaboration, was the art form onstage for 77 hours. 

Every theme, lyric, and concept that developed during "Exposure" came direct from us to whoever tuned in. We fueled ourselves on the bareness of being seen, while seeking.  It couldn't have happened without the eyes and hearts of everyone who tuned in. They were sending us the inspiration and encouragement to make this happen.  I don't think it'll ever happen again. I do feel a public healing happened. Next time someone asks me what I do, I'm gonna tell em: ‘I expose.’”

Also leading up to ‘Exposure,’ Esperanza and Frank Gehry spent an hour jamming together on Facebook Live; Esperanza on her bass, Frank with his pencil.  Their spontaneous creations are being auctioned off via Charitybuzz where all proceeds will go towards Bienestar, an Oregon-based non-profit that provides affordable housing to thousands of low-income Oregonians.  Bid on the auction here:

“This was an innovative project from an innovative artist,” says Concord Records Chief Operating Officer Mark Wexler. “Esperanza took a bold approach to making an album and we are very proud to have been a part of her trailblazing ‘Exposure.’”

The ‘Exposure’ video live stream was presented by oiid.

"The oiid team is honored to have taken part in bringing the 'Exposure' album to life. We are thrilled to have participated in this ground-breaking project that brought listeners a new perspective into the musical genius that is Esperanza Spalding, allowing people to step inside music and experience the riveting creative process.”

About oiid: oiid is a cutting-edge, state-of-the art technology company based in Norway that has created a premium digital platform allowing fans to interact with and remix their favorite music.  Set to formally launch later this year, oiid is partnering with Esperanza Spalding and Concord Records, allowing fans around the world to participate in and observe the recording of Esperanza's new album, Exposure, taking place live over the course of 77 hours.  As the official Executive Producer and sponsor, oiid will allow fans the unprecedented opportunity to step inside this historic recording session.

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