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5 October, 2021Print

Fresh Produce Media Launches Talent-Driven Narrative Audio Company

First Round of Audio Series Greenlit for 2021-2022

Fresh Produce Media™, the audio-first entertainment company specializing in narrative audio series, is publicly launching today. Established in 2020 by veterans of the television, film, and streaming worlds, Fresh Produce has already signed several high-profile partnerships and has ten series in production that span the genres of arts & entertainment, music storytelling, wellness, sports, true crime, science fiction and more. Fresh Produce will be announcing major distribution partnerships in the coming months.

Fresh Produce was founded by entrepreneur Jason Ross, specifically with the vision of creating dramatic, rich, Hollywood-caliber series that defy the standard conventions of audio entertainment today. To bestexecute that vision, Ross first set out to put together a best-in-class team of founding partners: Colin Moore, content and development (IFC, AMC, Comcast); Maureen Traynor, operations (former head of business operations at Spotify Studios); and Joe Killian, growth (American Express Unstaged, Radical Media, Momentum Worldwide)

Specifically geared towards finding and partnering with the highest quality talent both on- and off-mic to achieve a wide array of narrative styles, Fresh Produce is also announcing a development deal with game1 — a sports-centric content studio founded by prolific Hollywood producer, Basil Iwanyk, and esteemed sports industry executive, Greg Economou. Other key development and production deals are underway with Jagged Films, Gerber Pictures, Oso Studios and Omega Institute.

Fresh Produce founder Jason Ross said, “We are excited to be introducing new stories and voices to the narrative audio space. We’re not in this just to replicate what everyone has heard before. Fresh Produce’s ambition is to be a major influence on the next wave of audio entertainment.”

Initial greenlit projects and additional partnerships for Fresh Produce series to be announced in the near future.



Fresh Produce Media is a talent-driven audio entertainment company founded to meet the moment, as new and diverse opportunities for innovation and audiences shape what narrative audio content can be. From historical fiction and documentaries to sports- and music-focused stories, Fresh Produce’s roster of series brings a range of genres - and a consistency of quality - that sets it apart.

Founder Jason Ross built his career in different mediums of audio (from recording and touring, to music livestreaming, and starting a music-focused creative agency) before coming full-circle with Fresh Produce and narrative audio in 2020. 

Combining his penchant for identifying the next big thing and diving head-first into emerging industries with his audio know-how and passion for storytelling, Ross recruited a team of founding partners to propel narrative audio into the mainstream.

Colin Moore built a career developing great stories and finding the best means of telling them; Maureen Traynor brings cutting-edge understanding of the intersection of audio content and emerging commercial models honed over a career at Spotify; and Joe Killian has spent his Emmy-winning career at the highest levels of music and entertainment finding new ways to identify and shape cultural trends and moments.


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