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8 March, 2022Print

Generative Music Platform Aimi Announces New Breakthrough Applications For Gaming, Retail Spaces, Sonic Branding & Beyond

New Operating System, Scripting Engine & Software Development Kit Further Expand the Possibilities of Bespoke Sonic Experiences

On the heels of building an interactive music player, bringing hundreds of thousands of users to a groundbreaking mobile app, and raising $20 million in a momentous Series B round of funding, Aimi announces new developments to further revolutionize the applications of generative music. The company is now making its platform available to third-party developers looking to bring personalized, hyper-intelligent and royalty-cleared soundscapes into their own services.

Through its capabilities to create custom scripts and audio engines, Aimi offers developers the opportunity to construct bespoke experiences to soundtrack their video games, physical spaces, virtual worlds and so much more. On the backend, Aimi addresses all licensing, ensuring artists and creators are properly compensated, marking not only a new chapter for Aimi, but the next precedent for sonic branding.


A breakdown of the new developments include:

●     Aimi Music Operating System (AMOS) - Aimi’s proprietary operating system provides a breakthrough music platform which allows creators to transform troves of raw material, loops and unhatched ideas into endless, customized compositions. As opposed to muzak and playlists of pre-existing material, the audio that AMOS generates is completely original and interactive, serving as a vessel for the vision of individual creators, whether it be artist, brand or beyond. Hundreds of Aimi’s artists are currently using Aimi to create one-of-a-kind sonic experiences.

●     Aimi Script - Aimi Script is a powerful, javascript-based interface to AMOS, allowing developers to script virtually any type of music composition, infinitely expanding upon their studio tools. Aimi Script puts generative, programmable music at the hands of content creators. Using Aimi Script, developers can incorporate generative music engines into games and applications, allowing for the creation of interactive music experiences using world-class artists’ musical ideas. These applications can use generative instruments along with bundled content to create adaptive music, or they can connect to Aimi’s cloud service and utilize the platform’s growing repository of musical ideas from a broad range of world-class artists.


For developers, this opens a world of opportunity to integrate Aimi into applications ranging from games to media production software, applications for retail, health & wellness, sonic branding, and hospitality. Incorporating AMOS allows a developer to seamlessly leverage Aimi as a generative music engine, to create interactive and immersive music experiences that adapt to in-game situations, environmental inputs, and audiences - all with access to content from world-class artists, with all licensing built-in.

“With the release of Aimi Script and AMOS, we are now well-positioned to make Aimi the de facto standard for generative and programmable music that incorporates musical ideas from world-class artists,” states Aimi Founder and CEO Edward Balassanian. “Our platform provides developers with a programming language that makes it simple to create generative music that gracefully handles copyright while fairly rewarding artists for their creative contributions.

Over the past year, Aimi has caught the attention of CNET, Engadget, Resident Advisor, The Wrap and more, delivering hundreds of thousands of users an entirely new way to hear and interact with music. The platform continues to utilize technological advances to push music forward, while keeping humans at the center of the process. Listeners can explore countless hours of music through Aimi for free via mobile app stores, including curated Listening Experiences from the likes of Cassy, dBridge, Max Cooper, Roska, Seth Troxler's Lost Souls of Saturn, Soul Clap, Steffi, Tensnake and dozens more. As artists and fans are freed from the confines of songs, playlists and the static recordings of traditional music streaming, the result is “akin to a live DJ concert experience - a kind of AI Ibiza - but one created in a fraction of the time and essentially infinite in length” (Axios).


Aimi’s team is available for new business meetings and meet & greet opps in Austin during SXSW. To schedule, please reach out to:

Max Lutoslawski

VP of Business Development



About Aimi

Aimi is a revolutionary breakthrough in generative music that will fundamentally change the way the art form is created, consumed and ultimately monetized. Aimi’s interactive music player app delivers endless, immersive compositions that are crafted by artists, powered by artificial intelligence and molded by the mood of each individual user. For fans of electronic music, Aimi offers a new form of listening - one that is adaptable and ever-evolving. And now, available to developers, Aimi’s generative music engine can be embedded in virtually any application, making interactive, adaptive, and royalty-cleared generative music a reality.


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