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2 May, 2019Print

GRAMMY Music Education Coalition Board Members Visit Nashville School of The Arts

Photo credit: Kyle Somers Visuals / PHOTO ID L-R: 

Rusty Reuff / Presidential Appointee to the Advisory Committee, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; 

Lee Whitmore / Ed.D. Executive Director, GRAMMY Music Education Coalition; 

Neil Portnow / President, The Recording Academy; Roger Brown / President, Berklee College of Music; 

Tarik Ward / Director of Music Programs, ELMA Philanthropies Services (U.S.) Inc.


On Tuesday, Apr. 30, the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition, a non-profit that champions the mission to include music education in every school across America, spent the morning at the Nashville School of the Arts to witness the amazing work being done in creating resources for students to pursue their artistic talents.

Coalition board members in attendance included Executive Director Lee Whitmore, Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow and more. They gathered to discuss how Nashville’s music industry organizations can be utilized to improve music education, and they listened to students’ share how the programs have positively impacted them.

The Nashville School of the Arts studio was funded by GRAMMY Music Education Coalition, CMA Foundation, Hunter Hayes and generous donations from the music community. 

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