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3 May, 2019Print

Grammy-Winning Big Yellow Dog Artist Daniel Tashian’s ‘I Love Rainy Days’ Album Out Now (5.3)

Grammy-Winning Big Yellow Dog Artist Daniel Tashian's ‘I Love Rainy Days’ Album Out Now (5.3)

Daniel Tashian, successful producer and songwriter with a GRAMMY Album of the Year win for Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Golden Hour,’ veers his music in a new direction with the release of his inaugural children’s record, ‘I Love Rainy Days,’ available everywhere today, Fri., May 3, via Big Yellow Dog Music.

“Everyone had something to make them happy during these recording sessions," says Tashian. "For the girls, it was gummy bears; for me, it was Chardonnay.”

Stamped with approval by Emmy-winning music supervisor Sue Jacobs (Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle) and author and music historian Robert K. Oermann, ‘I Love Rainy Days’ is inspired by Tashian's three daughters — Tigerlily, Matilda and Tinkerbell — who make cameos throughout the album. The record showcases Tashian’s multi-faceted artistic abilities in producing, writing, and creating art for the entire collection. It also features whimsical sonics, jazzy undertones, and playful tempos that can be enjoyed by the entire family — not just the children!

Tashian’s songs have been recorded by Kacey MusgravesLucie SilvasTenille Townes, and more. He recently earned GRAMMYCMA, and ACM Album of the Year awards for his work in the production and songwriting process of Musgraves' ‘Golden Hour.’ He leads songwriter supergroup The Silver Seas and plays a crucial role in helping rising indie-pop artists like Lily & Madeleine (‘Canterbury Girls’) hone and develop their sound.

Listen to 'I Love Rainy Days' here.


'I Love Rainy Days' track listing:

*All songs written and performed by Daniel Tashian

1. I Love Rainy Days

2. Driving With You

3. The Letters

4. Counting Song

5. Blue Sky

6. Little Star

7. Walk Tall

8. Nightbird

9. Someone With A Dream

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