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20 November, 2020Print

Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump ….. On A Wooden Piano Out Today

Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump ….. On A Wooden Piano Out Today



“An Indie Rock Classic...The Piano Arrangements Lend Extra Poignancy.” — Rolling Stone

"An Incredible Treatment of a Masterpiece." — NPR Music

Read A Rolling Stone Interview With Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle Here

And Watch A Video For “Jed The Humanoid (Piano Version)” Here



Today, Grandaddy shares The Sophtware Slump ….. on a wooden piano, a solo reimagining of the “sad, quaint, low-key Y2K-era classic” (Pitchfork) that, 20 years ago, affirmed Grandaddy as one of indie rock’s most respected and forward-looking groups. ….. on a wooden piano is part of a 4-LP boxed set The Sophtware Slump 20th Anniversary Collection. A standalone LP and CD release of The Sophtware Slump ….. on a wooden piano will follow on February 19th, 2021.

Listen To The Sophtware Slump ….. on a wooden piano here.

The Sophtware Slump ….. on a wooden piano casts the Modesto, CA band’s boldly orchestrated masterpiece in a much starker light, highlighting the album’s prescient perspective on technological alienation. Says frontperson Jason Lytle in a new Rolling Stone interview about the album’s themes: “I was just working on instinct. Say you go to a therapist, and they’re watching you on levels that you’re just not aware of. There’s all this other shit going on. They know what your deal is before you even do, and you’re revealing so much just by spewing. So the idea is just to spew, and that album, it was very instinctual; a lot of spewing. It could very well be a concept album, but if it is, I’m not really aware. It may be existing on all these levels that are beyond my capabilities to dissect.” 

Read more of that Rolling Stone interview — which goes into Lytle’s love of Enya and the recording process for ….. on a wooden piano — here

Additionally, Grandaddy will be participating in the Record Store Day Black Friday drop on November 27 with an exclusive first-ever 12” vinyl EP pressing of the rare Grandaddy track “RIP Coyote Condo #5” featuring all new solo piano versions of Belle & Sebastian’s “The Fox In The Snow” and The Beach Boys’ “In My Room.” More info here.

Check out the new video for “Jed The Humanoid (Piano Version)” here.

Grandaddy formed in 1992 in Modesto, CA and have released five official LPs, most recently 2017’s Last Place. Grandaddy members include Jason Lytle, Aaron Burtch, Jim Fairchild, Tim Dryden, and the late Kevin Garcia, who passed away in 2017.



1. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot (Piano Version)

2. Hewlett's Daughter (Piano Version)

3. Jed the Humanoid (Piano Version)

4. The Crystal Lake (Piano Version)

5. Chartsengrafs (Piano Version)

6. Underneath the Weeping Willow (Piano Version)

7. Broken Household Appliance National Forest (Piano Version)

8. Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) (Piano Version)

9. E. Knievel Interlude (The Perils of Keeping It Real) (Piano Version)

10. Miner At The Dial-a-View (Piano Version)

11. So You'll Aim Toward the Sky (Piano Version)

The 4xLP version includes a re-mastered version of the original record, the new ...on a wooden piano, and 2 LPs of rarities including the Signal to Snow Ratio and Through a Frosty Plate Glass EPs all for the first time on vinyl.

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