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11 September, 2014Print

Harry Shearer inhabits Richard Nixon’s Bizarre Idiosyncrasies In ‘Nixon’s The One’; Series Premierin

Harry Shearer inhabits Richard Nixon's Bizarre Idiosyncrasies In 'Nixon's The One'; Series Premiering 10/21 On Youtube

"It's like you're in the Oval Office with him. And you can't get out." - Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer ('The Simpsons', 'Spinal Tap') portrays Richard Nixon in the show 'Nixon's The One', a series of recreations of the ex-president's real-life conversations with Henry Kissinger, Billy Graham, Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and more that reveal the unintentional, cringe-worthy absurdity of Nixon's presidency. For the show, Shearer and his co-writer, Nixon historian Stanley Kutler, combed through thousands of hours of Nixon's legendary secret White House tapes, and re-enacted word for word the best moments as if filmed by a hidden camera. Mashable calls the results "funnier than fiction." Shearer will premiere the show for free on YouTube's My Damn Channel on 10/21 with a new episode released every week (full release schedule below).

Last month on the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation, Shearer previewed 'Nixon's The One' with a clip of him reenacting Nixon’s final moments as president. The New Yorker wrote, "It’s hard to think of a more apt way to revisit the tenure of a President whose rise and fall was bound, at every juncture, to recordings of one kind or another." Watch the clip here:

During the show's run in Britain on Sky Arts earlier this year, the London Times called ‘Nixon’s The One’ "truly found art...re-enacted with infinite care" and The Guardian declared that it was "a half-hour of pure pleasure."

Shearer, who just won a 2014 Emmy for his work on ‘The Simpsons’, says that “as I watched [Nixon] campaign and become President, it became obvious that this was a man who, fairly uniquely, spent about eighty-five per cent of his waking energy suppressing his genuine emotional responses to anything, and the other fifteen per cent blurting them out in the most untoward circumstances." As Shearer writes, "it’s like you’re in the Oval Office with him. And you can’t get out."

Early praise for ‘Nixon’s The One’:
The New Yorker:
People: http://shorefi.re/HarryPeople
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Episode Release Schedule:
10/21: Pilot
10/28: Episode 1 "Henry"
11/04: Episode 2 "Secrets"
11/11: Episode 3 "Religion"
11/18: Episode 4 "Elites"
11/25: Episode 5 "TV"

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