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29 November, 2018Print

“One of America’s Modern Folk Masters” Drops Latest Single

“One of America’s Modern Folk Masters” Drops Latest Single

Upcoming ‘Gloria Duplex’ LP Impresses The Fader, Rolling Stone, and More
Listen to Henry Jamison's “Ether Garden” HERE


Henry Jamison’s upcoming album ‘Gloria Duplex’ is out February 8th on Akira Records, and is shaping up to be not only a formidable follow-up to his stellar debut album ‘The Wilds’ (which has over 80 million streams on Spotify alone), but also an insightful deconstruction of what it means to “be a man” in 2018. And this week Henry has unfolded another chapter in his exploration of masculinity by releasing the third single from the upcoming set, “Ether Garden”.

If album cuts like the previously released “Boys” and “Gloria” acknowledge the ways young boys are enlisted into a “toxic fraternity” by society, “Ether Garden” works to suggest that there is hope to alter these behaviors. Henry says “[“Ether Garden”]’s relationship to the rest of the record is basically one of being a depth below the problems the other songs address, the depth at which an actual change could happen.”

The album has already caught the attention of The Fader ("Henry Jamison spins history into gold”), Rolling Stone (“The lyrical content may be heavy, but the arrangement is dreamy, laced with orchestral strings and a Sufjan Stevens-worthy vocal”), The 405 (“will leave you pondering as you hit repeat”), The Bluegrass Situation, The Wild Honey Pie,Atwood Magazine (“one of America’s modern folk masters. He weaves moving messages and important life lessons through relatable tales of existence and experience”) and more.

Henry Jamison’s writing has been praised by Billboard as being "written like the Great American Novel” while touring partner and friend Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief has said “the lilts and cadences of Henry's voice alone feel like a deep embrace that can repair psychic scar tissue, and the music of it would be healing in itself.” ‘Gloria Duplex' was produced by Thomas Bartlett (Sufjan Stevens, The National), and features strings by Rob Moose (violinist for Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers) and mixing by Patrick Dillet (Rhye, David Byrne), creating a sometimes lush, sometimes haunting, and always poignant musical moment.



1. "Gloria"

2. "Boys"

3. "Ether Garden"

4. "True North"

5. "Florence Nightingale"

6. "The Magic Lantern"

7. "Stars"

8. "Beauty Sleep"

9. "American Babes"

10. "In March"

11. "Reading Days"

12. "Darkly"

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