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27 January, 2023Print

Housefires Revives Gospel For A New Generation On ‘How To Start A Housefire,’ Out Now Via Capitol CMG / TRIBL Records

Housefires Revives Gospel For A New Generation On ‘How To Start A Housefire,’ Out Now Via Capitol CMG / TRIBL Records

Listen to focus track "Keep My Eyes Up (feat. Ryan Ellis)” —


Formed in 2014, community-driven music collective Housefires sparked a re-invention of how worship music was written, performed and experienced. Today (1.27), Housefires shares its new album ‘How To Start A Housefire’ (Capitol CMG / TRIBL Records). The record marks a return from the group’s hiatus with a new generation of performers who reflect the genre’s growing diversity.

Listen to ‘How To Start A Housefire,’ here:

"There's been one consistent question that we've gotten over the years of traveling to lead, sing and minister all over the world: how do I start a gathering like this?” says Nate Moore. “People are hungry to be a part of an authentic, free-spirited, Jesus-loving, fiery, worship community. This album captures the essence of what a "house on fire" type of worship community looks and feels like."

With an unfiltered approach to writing and recording music, Housefires strips away the veneer and illusion of “success and fame” and instead, creates a music experience that brings the listener into the recording space with the group, fully embracing what it means to worship.

"We all long to belong somewhere - to be a part of something bigger and deeper than ourselves,” adds Moore. “Especially coming out of the pandemic, people are desperate to feel at home somewhere — to be seen, known and loved by others who are pursuing similar passions and dreams. This album provides a window into a community that has existed the better part of a decade - A place where anyone from anywhere can come and meet Jesus and feel at home with those on their left and their right."

On ‘How To Start A Housefire,’ the collective offers celebratory moments, reflective gratitude, vigorous testimony and more. The album’s focus track “Keep My Eyes Up (feat. Ryan Ellis)” is an anthem of hope that fills the room with a melding of voices representing individuals from different backgrounds coming together as one body. 

‘How To Start A Housefire’ is produced by Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown, who also created the GRAMMY-winning group Maverick City Music. The album features Housefires core members GRAMMY-nominee Nate Moore, chart-topping songwriter Ryan Ellis (Chris Tomlin, Natalie Grant, Matt Redman), Kirby Kaple (Chris Tomlin, Passion Music) and Davy Flowers, and features collaborations with artists including 2x GRAMMY-nominee DOE (Forever Jones), GRAMMY-winner KJ Scriven, GRAMMY-winner Chandler Moore (Maverick City Music), Harvest Grapevine and others.

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‘How To Start A Housefire’ tracklist:

*Produced by Jonathan Jay and Tony Brown

1. “Praise Him (feat. Davy Flowers)" (Davy Flowers)

2. “Lean on The Lord (feat. Ryan Ellis & Cecily)" (Ryan Ellis / Cecily Hennigan / Mitch Wong)

3. "Only Jesus (feat. Kirby Kaple, Chandler Moore & DOE)" (Kirby Kaple / Mariah Adigun / Montel Moore / Nate Moore)

4. "I Have Decided [Banner](feat. Davy Flowers)" (Davy Flowers)

5. "To You (feat. Davy Flowers)" (Dante Bowe / Maryanne J. George / Davy Flowers)

6. "I'm Not Going Anywhere (feat. Cecily & Davy Flowers)" (Cecily Hennigan / Davy Flowers)

7. "Don't Get Me Started (Feat. Kirby Kaple & Ryan Ellis)" (Jessie Early / Kirby Kaple / Shantrice Laura / Isaiah Schuman / Tianna Bowles)

8. "Sold Out (feat. Ryan Ellis & Ahjah Walls)" (Ryan Ellis / Charles Grooms)

9. "If I Could Have Anything (feat. Blake Wiggins & Ahjah Walls)" (Blake Wiggins / Kerri Grimsley)

10. "Keep My Eyes Up (feat. Ryan Ellis)" (Lindy Cofer / Mitch Wong / Ryan Ellis)

11. "You're the Only One I'm Looking For (feat. Ryan Ellis, Harvest & Nate Moore)" (Ryan Ellis / Harvest / Nate Moore)

12. "Grateful (feat. Nate Moore)" (Patrick Mayberry / Ryan Ofei / Hank Bentley)


‘How To Start A Housefire’ Credits:

Housefires — Artist

Sam Simon — Keyboards

Harolddd — Drums

Judd Harris — Drums

Sam Rady — Bass

Dale Ellis — Acoustic Guitar

Stefan Cashwell — Acoustic Guitar

Ryan Ellis — Acoustic Guitar

Cecily Hennigan — Acoustic Guitar

Kirby Kaple — Keyboards

Recorded by: Matt Ogden at Passion Church in Atlanta, GA

Mixed by: Jesse Brock and Chris Baldini at Jesse Brock Home Studio and at Chris Baldini Home Studio in Nashville, TN

Mastered by Alex Dobbert at Alex Dobbert Home Studio in Portland, OR



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