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14 February, 2020Print

Huey Lewis & The News Release ‘Weather,’ Their First Album of Original New Music in Nearly 20 Years.

Huey Lewis & The News Release 'Weather,' Their First Album of Original New Music in Nearly 20 Years.

Listen HERE

Watch the New Music Video for "Her Love Is Killin' Me" Featuring Jimmy Kimmel, Brandon Flowers, Wendie Malick, Cedric the Entertainer, Jimmy Buffett, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sean Hayes, Joe Montana, and Many More

Watch Huey's Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Today, Huey Lewis & The News release Weather (BMG), the group's first new collection of original music since 2001's Plan B. Weather features six new songs and a cover of Eugene Church's "Pretty Girls Everywhere." Forty years into a Grammy-winning, chart-topping, and Academy Award-nominated career, Huey and The News - Johnny Colla (keyboards/saxophone/vocals), Bill Gibson (drums/vocals), Sean Hopper (keyboards/vocals), John Pierce (bass), Stef Burns (guitar/vocals), James Harrah (guitar/vocals), Marvin McFadden (trumpet), Rob Sudduth (tenor saxophone), Johnnie Bamont (baritone saxophone) - have never sounded better.

Listen to Weather here, and find the Deluxe Edition exclusively at Walmart. 

Huey has also released a new music video for "Her Love Is Killin' Me," which features an amazing cast of friends: Jimmy Kimmel, Brandon Flowers, Cedric the Entertainer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jimmy Buffett, Sean Hayes, Wendie Malick, Brad Paisley, Joe Montana, Michael Keaton, Topher Grace, Andy Garcia, and more. Watch here:

Since the release of Weather was announced, Huey has been profiled by CBS Sunday Morning, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Variety, Time Crisis with Ezra Koenig, Questlove Supreme, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, People, LA Times, Associated Press and more. And there's still more to come: This Monday, Huey will join The TODAY Show, followed by more special appearances to be announced soon.

"I just think Huey brings to mind a better time," says Jimmy Kimmel in Esquire's recent feature on Huey. Last night, Huey sat down with Kimmel to discuss Weather and his struggles with hearing loss. Watch the interview here:


"[These] seven tracks manage to evoke the band's vintage-'80s vibe — sing-along choruses, bar-band brawn, wry humor with the occasional melancholic twist, and Lewis' familiar rasp — while maintaining a contemporary verve...The heart of rock & roll is still beating in the 69-year-old singer-songwriter."

-Entertainment Weekly

"['Her Love Is Killin' Me'] a harmonica-topped, gritty-voiced, good-natured boogie that has Huey Lewis & The News sounding like absolutely nothing has changed since the mid-1980s"

 -The New York Times

"['Her Love Is Killin' Me'] delightfully reminiscent of Huey Lewis and the News' Eighties heyday, with crisp drums and bass buoying organ, guitar and a punchy horn section."

-Rolling Stone

"Meticulous pop-rock, with the smoothest harmonies this side of the Beach Boys"



Weather Track List

While We're Young

Her Love Is Killin' Me

I Am There For You

Hurry Back Baby

Remind Me Why I Love You Again

Pretty Girls Everywhere

One Of The Boys