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19 November, 2020Print

Infinity Song Make Late Night TV Performance Debut On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Watch Here:

Also Announce LIVE from The Secret Place Holiday Series Beginning On Thanksgiving, Running Every Wednesday In December

Viral Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” Has Over 1M Views on Instagram:


JAY-Z signed them, Kanye West collaborates with them, and Janet Jackson deems them an “inspiration”: Following last month’s release of their “exquisite” (Rated R&B) Roc Nation debut EP Mad Love, Infinity Song continue to captivate with their rarefied artistry and Black excellence. 

Last night, the NYC-based music collective performed an immaculate rendition of  their song “Mad Love” on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, their first-ever late night television performance. Watch it here: 

Beginning on Thanksgiving, Infinity Song’s Victory Boyd will be hosting a special series of holiday livestream concerts featuring appearances from the rest of Infinity Song. LIVE from The Secret Place Holiday Series will feature appearances from special guest artists like Jon Batiste, Dante Bowe, Jimi Cravity, Peter Collins, Jordybe Lynn, Mandy Maples, and more. Ticketing information and more here: 

Earlier this month, as part of Infinity Song’s long-running series of Instagram covers, a performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” became a viral sensation with over 1 million views on Instagram alone. Watch that here:

The video for “Mad Love” is a fitting introduction to Infinity Song, as it posits a version of the American Dream that centers Black resilience and familial support. Watch it here: 

In a new interview over at American Songwriter, Infinity Song discuss their years busking in Central Park, the intra-family dynamic in the recording studio, and the transformative power of music. Read that here: 


Early Praise For Infinity Song

“Cocoa buttery quintet Infinity Song touch the sky with Hov approved heavenly harmonies on debut EP Mad Love… just pure delectable, soulful, undeniably beautiful music to our ears.”

 — Bossip

“While their exquisite vocal performances are ingrained in the true R&B feel, the instrumentation embedded throughout the project has a progressive R&B-pop sensibility.” 

 Rated RnB

“A smooth, R&B track that celebrates the love of family. “Mad Love” definitely has a message that’s needed right now.”

–– Soul Tracks

“The album is a great introduction to the band’s ability as not just performers, but songwriters, arrangers, instrumentalists, and music producers as well. The project itself feels like a journey, and by the time it’s finished we’re left with the feeling that a new band, and a new voice, has officially arrived.” 

 Gritty Vibes


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