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10 January, 2018Print

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Dating Apps Have Killed Romance, February 6

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates "Dating Apps Have Killed Romance," February 6

Digital dating has become a multi-billion dollar industry that draws in as many as 40 percent of Americans. But are dating apps really designed to promote lasting love? On Tuesday, February 6, the "fantastic" (New Yorker) Intelligence Squared U.S. presents a special Valentine's Day debate on the motion "Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance." 

Debating in support of the motion are sociologist Eric Klinenberg, co-author of Modern Romance, and Manoush Zomorodi, host of the Note to Self podcast from WNYC Studios. Debating against the motion are's chief scientific advisor Helen Fisher, who studies the neural systems associated with romantic love, and OkCupid's Vice President of Engineering Tom Jacques. The evening will open with a keynote Q&A with Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times' hugely popular "Modern Love" column.

The debate will be held at NYC's The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College and stream live online, then air soon after as part of the syndicated public radio show and podcast "Intelligence Squared U.S." On February 6, online viewers can tune in at IQ2US's website.


WHAT: Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates "Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance"

WHEN: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 / Reception 6:00-6:45 / Debate 7:00-8:30 PM

WHERE: The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College / 695 Park Ave / New York, NY 10065

TICKETS: $40 ($12 for students w/ ID). 


Keynote Q&A:

* Daniel Jones: Editor, New York Times’ “Modern Love” Column 

Daniel Jones has edited the “Modern Love” column in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times since its inception in October 2004. Dubbed the “male Carrie Bradshaw,” Jones is the author of several books including Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject (with the Help of 50,000 Strangers), The Bastard on the Couch and Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion. 


Debating For the Motion:

* Eric Klinenberg: Sociologist & Co-Author, Modern Romance 

Eric Klinenberg is a professor of sociology and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University. He is co-author of Modern Romance, which investigates the nature of dating in the digital era. Klinenberg is also the author of Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone. He has contributed to numerous leading news platforms as well as the radio program, This American Life.


* Manoush Zomorodi: Host and Managing Editor, Note to Self

Manoush Zomorodi is the host and managing editor of the podcast Note to Self from WNYC Studios. She has won numerous awards for her work, including four from the New York Press Club. In 2014, the Alliance for Women in Media named her Outstanding Host. Zomorodi is author of Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive & Creative Self. 


Debating Against the Motion:

* Helen Fisher: Biological Anthropologist & Chief Scientific Advisor,

Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist, is a senior research fellow at The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, a member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies at Rutgers University and Chief Science Advisor to She uses brain scanning (fMRI) to study the neural systems associated with romantic love, attachment and partner happiness. She has written six internationally best-selling books on courtship, romantic love and future sex. Fisher is currently studying the biological basis of personality and is a pioneer in examining the neurochemistry of business team-building, innovation and leadership.


* Tom Jacques: Vice President of Engineering, OkCupid

Tom Jacques is vice president of engineering at OkCupid, a leading dating site that boasts more than 3.5 million users and sees over seven million messages exchanged per day. OkCupid, which relies on a dating algorithm to determine digital matches, was recently deemed the site most likely to appear in New York Times’ marriage announcements, ranking above Tinder,, and eHarmony. As a software engineer, Tom engages in data analysis designed to make dating more efficient and less time-consuming. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.



A non-partisan, non-profit organization, Intelligence Squared U.S. was founded in 2006 to address a fundamental problem in America: the extreme polarization of our nation and our politics. Their mission is to restore critical thinking, facts, reason, and civility to American public discourse. The award-winning debate series reaches over 30 million American households through multi-platform distribution, including radio, television, live streaming, podcasts, interactive digital content, and on-demand apps on Roku and Apple TV. With over 140 debates and counting, Intelligence Squared U.S. has encouraged the public to "think twice" on a wide range of provocative topics. Author and ABC News correspondent John Donvan has moderated IQ2US since 2008. 

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