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11 March, 2021Print

Jacob Collier Announces Auction of Charitable NFTs Commemorating Djesse Vol. 3

Jacob Collier Announces Auction of Charitable NFTs Commemorating Djesse Vol. 3

Ultra Hi-Res Images Capture Massive Sessions for All 12 Songs on GRAMMY Album Of The Year Contender, Showing the Microscopic Details of Collier's Creative Process

Each NFT Provides Entry to All of Collier's Headline Shows Worldwide, Proceeds Benefit Carbon Offsets & Research in Ecologically Sustainable Technology


Ahead of the 2021 GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Jacob Collier will commemorate his monumental nomination for Album Of The Year by giving something special back to the fans who have helped him arrive at this tremendous moment. Today, he announces the auction of 12 charitable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each NFT features an ultra hi-resolution image of the session file for one of the 12 songs on his GRAMMY-nominated LP, Djesse Vol. 3, and will grant the NFT holder free entry for themselves and a guest to all of Collier's headline shows, worldwide - find more details below. 

Jacob Collier's session files - often spanning more than 500-600 of the individual instrument and vocal tracks that go into producing a single one of his compositions - have long been sources of fascination, conversation and connection between him and his supporters. His live-streamed session breakdowns regularly attract hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, he has printed session snapshots on sold-out merch items, but these "Digital Session Prints" will make it possible to see all of the audio waveforms and countless other details of his creative process for the first time ever, on a pristine microscopic level. 

From 12pm PST on Friday, March 12, through 12pm PST on Saturday, March 13, Jacob Collier will host the auction on the marketplace Zora, due to the active steps the site has taken towards sustainability, equity and transparency. He will also donate a portion of proceeds from each NFT to the purchase of carbon offsets, and the support of research in environmentally friendly technology.  

Join the auction here: http://zora.co/jacobcollier 

The holder of each "Digital Session Print" NFT will gain entry for themselves and one guest to all Jacob Collier headline shows worldwide, for as long as they hold the NFT in their digital wallet. If resold, show access will pass along to the new owner. Any individual who simultaneously holds three or more "Digital Session Print" NFTs at one time may attend the soundcheck for any Jacob Collier headline show, with up to three guests. To attend either a show or soundcheck, the NFT holder must be physically present.

In addition to celebrating the wild, ingenious creations that have led to such an unexpected and exciting honor as an Album Of The Year GRAMMY nomination, Collier hopes these NFTs can amplify a new paradigm shift towards the increased autonomy of fellow artists and fans, and an ecologically sustainable future for cryptocurrency. Jacob says: 

"In celebration of Djesse Vol. 3, and its Grammy moment, I am releasing, for the first time ever, twelve 'Digital Session Prints' - one for each song on the album. These are immensely detailed, ultra-hi-resolution images, of epic proportions, ranging from 20,000,000 to 220,000,000 pixels apiece! This enables track names, waveforms, volume levels, track groups, colour coding and written-word detail to be explored architecturally, the way I viewed these songs as I created them.

As an artist committed to independence and innovation, I'm excited and inspired to be releasing these as NFTs. I believe that this technology has the potential to reshape how artists and the general public interact for decades to come. There are immense challenges native to this technology, and a hefty environmental footprint to boot - so, in full commitment to a sustainable future, I will be using proceeds from this experiment to fund carbon offsets and research into sustainable forms of this creative outlet in the future."

Heading into this weekend's Awards, Jacob Collier is already a four-time GRAMMY-winner and now a seven-time nominee, currently up for Best R&B Performance and Best Arrangement (Instruments & Vocals), as well as Album Of The Year. In the past few months, he has appeared on The Tonight ShowThe Late Late Show and CBS This Morning. He can also be heard singing walls of heartwarming harmonies throughout SZA's hit single, "Good Days," which he co-wrote shortly after SZA discovered him on Instagram. 

To learn why Ty Dolla $ign calls Jacob Collier "the real GOAT," read a new feature in this week's issue of Billboard, and dive deeper into the world of Djesse with recent profiles at VultureThe New YorkerLA Times and Esquire, who says that the four-album cycle, like Jacob, "is completely singular. It sounds like a sweeping film score and a drum circle and a singalong and a funk groove and a jazz improvisation in the same moment, it feels as tight as an orchestral piece and as loose as a jam session...It sounds like Jacob Collier."


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