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19 February, 2020Print

Jay Shetty's Groundbreaking Think Like a Monk To Be Published In 34 Countries

Details of International Publishing Schedule and Book Tour Are Announced 

Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency has announced the international publication schedule for author and former monk Jay Shetty‘s Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day, a work that aims to elevate us from the negativity, anxiety and hopelessness of today’s world. The Think Like a Monk author has become a source of inspiration for fans of his podcast “ON Purpose with Jay Shetty,” which had 52 million audio downloads in its first year as well as over 10 million views on podcast videos.

Noted HarperCollins UK Executive Publisher Oliver Malcolm expressed his feelings about the importance of publishing Think Like a Monk:

“In a very polarized world right now, Jay Shetty is spreading a message that is not only universal but also unifying. Irrespective of your gender, race or background, we are all - as humans - capable of embracing a ‘monk mindset,’ thereby challenging ourselves to find a greater sense of purpose in the world. Think Like a Monk — Jay’s first book — utterly defines the word ‘inspirational,’ and just like all the great works of historical thought leaders, Jay’s words permeate international geographies, resonate across demographics and will ultimately stand the test of time.”

“I’ve rarely encountered anyone who makes profound but abstract wisdom so clear — or who has made me want so much to act upon that wisdom," says Eamon Dolan, Simon & Schuster's VP Executive Editor. “Nobody makes the timeless feel more timely than Jay does.”

Jay Shetty will embark on an international promotional tour for Think Like a Monk starting with its US and UK publication dates on September 8. Shetty has already confirmed visits to New York, London, and Mumbai, with more confirmations to be announced soon.


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