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28 February, 2024Print

JJ Grey and St. Augustine Distillery Unveil Collaboration Bourbon: Rolling Rooster

Rolling Rooster. A Florida straight bourbon whiskey, carefully crafted by JJ Grey and St. Augustine Distillery.

Discover Rolling Rooster: https://www.jjgrey.com/rollingrooster

February 28, 2024 — acclaimed musician JJ Grey and storied St. Augustine Distillery have announced a new bourbon collaboration, Rolling Rooster. Created by the two Florida natives, and incorporating imagery and inspiration from JJ Grey & Mofro’s latest album, ‘Olustee’ (out now on Alligator Records), Rolling Rooster embodies a symphony of flavors reminiscent of warm marshmallows over an open fire, a touch of cocoa, and the smooth embrace of subtle oak and silver queen corn. The collaboration seamlessly blends Grey's artistic vision with the distillery's commitment to excellence, resulting in a bourbon that is as smooth as it is soulful. Like JJ’s new album, Rolling Rooster is steeped in a profound affection for Florida, brimming with the essence of the region. Listen to ‘Olustee’ here.

Inspired by Grey's deep-rooted connection to the South and his love for the soulful flavors of home, Rolling Rooster is a bourbon that personifies the spirit of Southern comfort. "Warm and fuzzy at the top, with a tiny hint of cocoa before it spreads out wide across the palate," Grey described"No matter how far I travel, it always brings me back home." Richard deMontmollin, VP of Production at St. Augustine Distillery, echoed Grey's sentiments, stating, "When I was asked if we could create a bourbon with JJ Grey, I was over the moon. JJ brought the soul, we brought the juice, and it's all in perfect harmony." 

This highly limited collaborative product will debut at the end of May. Pre-order it now to secure your bottle(s). For more information and updates on availability, visit https://www.jjgrey.com/rollingrooster.


MORE ON ST. AUGUSTINE DISTILLERY: St. Augustine Distillery, born from a deep-seated commitment to excellence, stands proudly as a locally owned and operated artisanal spirits distillery in historic St. Augustine. Our mission is simple: to educate and inspire our cherished guests with handcrafted, award-winning bourbon, rum, gin, and vodka. Nestled within the lovingly restored FPL Ice Plant, a building dating back to 1917, our distillery offers an immersive experience. Visitors can embark on a self-guided tour, where exploration and learning intertwine, or opt for a more in-depth adventure with our premium guided tour offerings. With every bottle and every tour, we invite you to join us on a journey of taste, history, and craftsmanship. Our distillery is a place where tradition meets innovation, and where passion for the art of distillation is poured into every drop. Experience the magic of St. Augustine Distillery and savor the spirits that are a true testament to the Spirit of Florida. 


MORE ON OLUSTEE: With Olustee, JJ Grey has once again pushed the boundaries of his own creative musical, lyrical and vocal talents, delivering an album that is destined to become a classic. Many of the songs are steeped in the mythical Southern stories of his ancestral Florida home and filled with people from JJ’s life. The album’s eleven songs range from the raucous, celebratory first radio single, Wonderland, to an escape from an out-of-control wildfire in the title track, to the inward-looking closer, Deeper Than Belief. Singing of his own personal triumphs and struggles, his hopes and desires, his friends and family, Grey’s message is simple and strong -- respect the natural world and always try to live in the moment. And never forget the importance of having a good time.


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