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1 April, 2021Print

John Medeski And Jeff Firewalker Schmitt Pay Tribute To The Last Poets With Hip-Hop-Inspired Single “Last Poet First / Ukupacha”

Saint Disruption Debut ‘Rose In The Oblivion’ Out April 8th



Saint Disruption, the soul-inspired, collaborative music group consisting of John Medeski and scientist and folk healer Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, have released their latest single “Last Poet First / Ukupacha,” an ode to New York City’s Last Poets and the founder, Umar Bin Hassan. Listen to “Last Poet First / Ukupacha” here.

“Last Poet First / Ukupacha” includes vocals from Boston-based musician Lyric Jones and Austn Haynes of Free Radio, and is one of the seven tracks on Saint Disruption’s debut album ‘Rose In The Oblivion,’ out April 8th. It’s an invitation into the spiritual duality of Saint Disruption’s music, paying tribute to Umar Bin Hassan and the Last Poets while showcasing Medeski’s solo prowess and highlighting the lyrical tour de force that is Haynes’ who speaks of Martin Luther King Jr. and others who have championed equality and justice for all.

“I’m a student of history,” Schmitt told American Songwriter in a recent interview. “And I always go back to the artists who build new bridges of understanding that never existed before. The Last Poets did that in New York City in the 70s by bringing poetry and music together in a way that gave the oppressed a voice and allowed that voice to enter our bodies. And before long, hip-hop walked across that bridge.”

The band’s debut will also be accompanied by an art book that features visual art contributions from 10 North Carolina artists, including Daniel McClendon, Cleaster Cotton and nineteen-year-old Sovah Woydak who each created original works inspired by the album. For more on the collaborative process visit HERE.



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