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7 April, 2021Print

John Splithoff Releases "Holding On To Me," New Single & Video From Debut Album All In (April 23 / Pleasant Lane Music)

A Floating Feeling Inspired by Calvin Harris, Nile Rodgers & Roller Skating: LISTEN HERE

"Pure infatuated joy" - Under the Radar


Today, John Splithoff shares "Holding On To Me," a new single and the latest preview from his forthcoming debut album, All In. Out April 23 on his own Pleasant Lane Music, All In is a self-produced, self-released and self-assured record, equal parts introverted and extroverted. Across the 11 songs, Splithoff celebrates love and longing in the midst of a search for inner resolve, pairing profound and personal revelations with effervescent arrangements. Through the unshakable groove and effusive hooks of "Holding On To Me," he illustrates the joys of infatuation, and how those feelings pulled him out of a period of isolation and doubt. 

Listen to "Holding On To Me" here, and watch the official video: 

Under the Radar calls "Holding On To Me" a perfect combination of "heavenly harmonies, driving dance rhythms, and even an ebullient funk guitar solo," and John Splithoff says: 

"'Holding On To Me' is about being in a total state of infatuation. The lyrics were written when I started dating my high school girlfriend again after many years apart and I felt like I was floating. I wrote the chords on piano over 4 years ago, and the demo resurfaced when I was looking for songs to include on my upcoming album. 

I was inspired by the tempo of Calvin Harris' 'Slide,' Nile Rodgers' guitar playing, and videos of people roller skating. It made me want to create something that drifted in a similar space that paired nicely with warm weather. Now that it's spring and my high school girlfriend and I just got engaged, I feel like I'm floating again."

While John Splithoff began working on All In at the end of 2019 - and completed it before the arrival of COVID-19 - the album marks the culmination of nearly a decade of highs and lows, victories and defeats that have been underscored by a series of hit singles. From surpassing 100 million streams to breaking the Top 10 at AC radio, headlining tours and playing Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, Splithoff has paved his own path to indie pop and soul stardom - just earlier this week his song "Raye" was covered by a contestant on American Idol (watch here). But on All In he has taken the time to figure out who he really is, crafting a cohesive collection that makes sense of himself and the world around him. The songs are immersive and "irresistibly smooth" (UPROXX), with vocal performances that are simultaneously "sensual and soaring" (American Songwriter), and after the past year of lockdown the music resonates even deeper. 

Watch the music video and a stirring new solo rendition of All In standout "Steady,"Splithoff's tribute to loved ones who have kept him grounded through difficult times. 

See him shine with intoxicating swagger in "Fahrenheit," and pre-order All In here.


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