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15 September, 2020Print

Joji Announces Signature Honey Joji’s Nectar In Collaboration With Eli’s Bees

New Album ‘Nectar’ Out 9/25

Today, Joji announces a signature honey, Joji’s Nectar, to celebrate the upcoming release of his album ‘Nectar’ (out September 25th via 88rising and distributed by 12Tone Music). 

Locally harvested, Joji’s Nectar honey embodies the rich elements, textures, colors and taste profiles of the Southern California floral landscape. In collaboration with Eli’s Bee Company, located along the California coastline, Joji’s Nectar is a testament to the cooperative relationship between the beekeeper, who is cultivating a healthy and sustainable environment, and the colonies of bees producing this rich and unique honey. 

This custom batch is harvested from a single location at one particular time of year. Because the honey is not filtered or pasteurized, each run retains unique properties reflective of its producer, the honeybee. 

Watch the video teaser: 

The Nectar honey is available only on and comes as a free add-on with the purchase of 3 or more items from the Joji shop.



Joji is one of the most enthralling artists of the digital age. He has a total vision for his work, not just in the writing and producing of his music, but artwork, videos, merch, and live performances as well. It’s a fully realized world that his fans can inhabit and explore—and see themselves in. “My music is not biographical,” he says, but even still, the deep, heavily shaded emotions in his songs are genuine and they speak to anyone who has ever felt stuck on the outside looking in, who knows what it means to not belong. In 2019, Joji sold-out his North America tour within minutes and performed at some of the most coveted festivals across the world, including Reading & Leeds in the UK and Lollapalooza. As Joji surpasses 4.6 billion global streams, 2020 promises to be his biggest year to date.



Eli’s Bees was founded in 2010, keeping between 100 and 200 honeybee colonies along the coastal canyons and ridges of the Santa Monica Mountains. The blooming season is short but productive and with a lot of dedication and a little bit of rain, the healthy, happy bees produce a wide range of honey varieties. Eli’s Bees harvest honey from hives that bloom in parks, backyards, and other secret fertile pockets of the urban landscape. Beekeepers should not take all the honey from their bees, but instead only take the excess honey to ensure the bees have enough to remain healthy. The bees are cultivated from feral Southern California stock descendents from populations that escaped from bees brought to Los Angeles county to pollinate peach and orange groves. Over generations, these resilient creatures have adapted to Southern California’s climatic patterns. The bee selection process identifies these traits and searches for hardy bees that can cope with the myriad challenges that make life hard for domestic bees.