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4 December, 2019Print

Jonah Mutono Shares new single “Circulation” (True Panther/EQT)

Jonah Mutono Shares new single "Circulation" (True Panther/EQT)

Following on from his recently released single "Shoulders", Jonah Mutono is pleased to share new track "Circulation".

"Shoulders" was the first piece of music to be released under his own name and "Circulation", produced by Lil Silva and Carlson, offers more insight to what this exceptionally talented artist has to offer now that he’s stepping into the foreground and owning his sound and narrative with confidence.

The Ugandan-native once enjoyed an air of mystery and released under the name Kidepo, but has since realized what power he holds when he allows himself to write honestly and openly when it comes to love.

Listen to "Circulation" HERE

On the track Jonah explains, “There is this old joke by Tim Hawkins about how people involuntarily squeeze the very life out of their babies and animals - almost like a primal violent urge. I started ‘Circulation’ when I was living alone for the first time and had just bought a puppy. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I only had the words ‘hold me tight and cruel, I don’t care much for Circulation,’ and I left it at that. I fell in love for the first time years later and came back to that sentiment. There are so many parallels. It’s sweet, savage, romantic and brutal - almost like a dog howling. I wanted to freeze that feeling and put it in a frame.”

A video for "Circulation" will follow in early 2020. 


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