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8 March, 2021Print

Katya Celebrates National Dentist’s Day - Releases Twisted New Video

“Be Your Own Dentist” Immersive 3D VR Experience Out Now



The phrase “expect the unexpected” may be thrown around a lot these days, but for drag superstar Katya, it really is her modus operandi. In honor of yesterday being National Dentist’s Day, she has created a companion visual to her twisted spoken word piece “Be Your Own Dentist” that needs to be seen to be fully understood. Through the use of 3D camerawork in partnership with director Jonathan Sims, Katya is transporting fans to a fascinating, sometimes nightmarish, and always on-brand alternate universe that is expertly fitting for a guided meditation on self-dentistry.

In tandem with the new video, Katya also released a DIY VR headset that almost immediately sold out on her website upon release. The video is also compatible with Oculus headsets, as well as being viewable on standard smartphones and web browsers. 

“Be Your Own Dentist” is the closing track off of Katya’s debut EP ‘Vampire Fitness’ (out via PEG Records/ADA), which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Electronic Albums Chart. Called “an experimental digital distortion” (Entertainment Weekly) that is “delightfully absurd” (BuzzFeed), and “full of as many whiplash-inducing left-turns as Katya's humor and fashion” (Billboard), the EP crackles as a maddeningly provocative collective of five absurd, fascinating, and compelling electro-pop tracks. Today’s video release for “Be Your Own Dentist” on OFFICE Magazine joins past visual drops for the songs “Come In Brazil (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)” via Paper Magazine, and “Ding Dong! (feat. Trixie Mattel)” via Entertainment Tonight

Of the video for “Be Your Own Dentist”, Katya says “For the "Be Your Own Dentist" track the absolutely brilliant Jonathan Sims and his team have helped me create an immersive three dimensional dental dreamscape that will transport the viewer to a beautiful and frightening world where you will never want to go to the dentist again."

Of the project, award-winning VR director Jonathan Sims said “I wanted to give Katya fans new VR cinema that doesn't compromise on fidelity or aesthetics. “Be Your Own Dentist” is unique because it was shot with the same kind of sophisticated 3D camera that is used to create the high fidelity 3D experiences of Ready Player One and Marvel movies, but now these images have been projected into a 360 environment and integrated with beautiful CGI worlds to create an immersive and truly cinematic experience. I wanted it to feel like being inside a movie, like a movie in a theater, not a video."

Ryan Aceto, head of A&R at PEG Records adds “Working with an artist like KATYA is incredible, because she takes creative ideas to a whole new level. During a typical A&R process, I can usually see the connections from Point A to B, but with KATYA it’s an exciting Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style process. Sometimes we end up in the dungeon battling a fire-breathing dragon, sometimes we end up with lyrics in 4 languages!” 

The release of ‘Vampire Fitness’ follows Katya’s rise to fame as a television superstar after two beloved runs on RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 7 and All Stars 2), a viral comedy sensation thanks to her two wildly successful web shows with Trixie Mattel (“UNHhhh” and the Netflix-produced “I Like to Watch”), a NY Times best-selling author (Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood) and a Queerty Award-winning podcast host (The Bald and the Beautiful).




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