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13 November, 2020Print

Katya Unleashes Vampire Fitness

Katya Unleashes ‘Vampire Fitness’


“It's unconventional, frequently absurd and full of as many whiplash-inducing left-turns as Katya's humor and fashion.” - Billboard

“...an experimental digital distortion...” - Entertainment Weekly

“This isn't your average post-Drag Race record. It's authentically Katya and delightfully absurd…” - BuzzFeed


Today, Katya has further etched herself a permanent place in the modern pop culture zeitgeist with the release of her debut EP ‘Vampire Fitness’ (out via PEG Records/ADA). It's a maddeningly provocative collective of five absurd, fascinating, and compelling electro-pop tracks that the beloved RuPaul’s Drag Race icon describes as “a dark and brooding international musical boat ride through the brain and mouth of famous cross dresser Katya.”

In the EP’s lead-up, Katya has spoken with the likes of BillboardEntertainment WeeklyBuzzFeedAmerican Songwriter and more to discuss the sonic influences behind the album (Ukranian singer LOBODA and industrial electro band Front Line Assembly to name a few), the multiple languages she was compelled to record in (Russian, Italian, Portuguese and English), and how Harry Styles’ sleep story recording on CALM inspired a track on the EP (“I was like, oh my God it's so beautiful!”). 

Whether it’s via the dark industrial dance on “Ravioli”, the Eurodance-leaning collaboration with Trixie Mattel “Ding Dong”, the experimental and uninhibited digital deconstruction “ГЛАЗ”, the Alaska Thunderfuck-assisted first single “Come In Brazil” or the twisted spoken word piece “Be Your Own Dentist”, Katya’s ‘Vampire Fitness’ EP showcases the unexpected and brilliant mind of one of drag’s most daring and exciting artists. 

To celebrate the release of the EP, Katya hosted a livestreaming listening party on her Instagram. Watch HERE.

The release of ‘Vampire Fitness’ follows Katya’s rise to fame as a television superstar after two beloved runs on RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 7 and All Stars 2), a viral comedy sensation thanks to her two wildly successful web shows with Trixie Mattel (“UNHhhh” and the Netflix-produced “I Like to Watch”), a NY Times best-selling author (Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood) and a recent podcast host (The Bald and the Beautiful). 




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