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18 February, 2021Print

Keep Cool/RCA Records Announce Newest Signee: Marzz

Keep Cool/RCA Records Announce Newest Signee: Marzz

21-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Releases “So Frequently”



Today, Keep Cool/RCA announces their newest signee: 21-year-old rising R&B singer/songwriter Marzz. The Louisville-born artist draws inspiration from Mars, the red planet, as well as from southern rock band ZZ Top, to create songs overflowing with sultry production, impassioned lyricism and a tinge of her synesthesia, or her ability to see color in music. 

Out today is Marzz’ debut single “So Frequently.” The track conveys a yearning for clarity in an undefined relationship and presents two different scenarios: “One [scenario] is me going through a horrible relationship that I thought I was going to be excelling in,” Marzz explains, “but I guess it had a different turn. The other is just me growing up and seeing things that my mom went through. So I tried to be my mom’s shoulder to lean on.”

Also out today is the “So Frequently” video, a definitive opening statement of Marzz as a modern artist-to-watch who encompasses multitudes that are unraveled in her music. Weaving between reality and an animated dreamscape designed by Robin Eisenberg, the video depicts Marzz reflecting on the memories of a former lover. Directed by Mahaneela, “So Frequently” is a personal creative statement that honors Marzz’s love for anime while fully embracing her sexuality.


Born Laria McCormick, Marzz grew up attending church with her mother and grandmother, both of whom are ministers. Despite a brief stint in the choir, Marzz’s shyness, paired with suppressing her queer identity, spurred the young singer to retreat within herself. However, after coming out in high school and being inspired by the talents and confidence of artists like Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill and Kirk Franklin, Marzz eventually built up the courage to pursue a career in R&B. Shortly afterwards, she was discovered by Timbaland on Instagram, fueling her passion for music and opening a door for the world to experience her profound personality. 



Marzz has a central focus for listeners: for them to enter tomorrow’s world through her mind. Drawing inspiration from the planet Mars’ fiery-red intensity, the rising R&B singer/songwriter (who hails from Louisville, KY), hopes to teach others to embrace their uniqueness. Born Laria McCormick, Marzz grew up in the church as many of her family members -- including her mother and grandmother -- were ministers. She began singing in the children’s choir at age 4 but quickly realized that she didn’t like all the attention. Marzz’ shyness, paired with suppressing her queer sexuality under the pressures of the church, initially forced her to hide inside her own bubble. 

The singer soon found solace through a mixture of secular and gospel artists, including Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell, and the Clark Sisters. At first, Marzz considered pleasing her mother by going to bible college to learn how to become a pastor. But she knew her passion lied within secular music. So after coming out in high school and having fellow students cheer on her talents during pep rallies, she built the confidence to take being an R&B artist as a serious career. Marzz transformed the words she scribbled in various notebooks (she currently has 29 of them) into R&B freestyles, which she then uploaded on Instagram. Along with the freestyles, she began to upload covers of popular R&B artists including Teyana Taylor and Ella Mai. Then in late 2019, Marzz’s talent caught the attention of none other than one of modern music’s pioneers: Timbaland. The legendary producer reached out to Marzz to record a handful of tracks and shared her talents on his Instagram page, not only boosting her growing fan base but changing her life. As fans continue to discover Marzz, she hopes her music will fuel their imagination to create their own narratives -- almost like a magic spell. 



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