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25 April, 2023Print

Kesha Announces New Album ‘Gag Order’, Out May 19

Kesha Announces New Album ‘Gag Order’, Out May 19

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New Songs “Eat The Acid” and “Fine Line” To Drop April 28


Today, Kesha announces her new album ‘Gag Order’, set to drop May 19th (via Kemosabe/RCA Records), an album that finds the GRAMMY-nominated pop star excavating the deepest recesses of her soul to date. The Rick Rubin-produced record, which Kesha has labeled “post-pop”, is a full-bodied collection that flows like a stream-of-conscious journey through the psychedelic dark depths of the human psyche followed by basking in the cleansing light when finally reaching the surface.

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Kesha has teased the forthcoming album on Instagram over the past month as well as in a cameo in a recent 60 Minutes story on Rick Rubin. This Friday, she will drop a duo of pre-release tracks, “Eat the Acid” and “Fine Line”.

‘Gag Order’, which Kesha is executive producer on, is an album unlike anything she has created thus far in her career, yet somehow is an album that only she truly could have made. Forged in the fires of self-discovery and learning to finally accept the ugly, scary sides of ourselves, ‘Gag Order’ feels like an emotional exorcism, unearthing and facing the darkness in oneself, brought to life with experimental, otherworldly production & lyrical vulnerability unlike anything the artist has written before. On ‘Gag Order’, Kesha confronts her own reflection & finds empowerment in her own voice, with beautiful, heart aching results. 

“Without the darkness there is no light. So I let my darkness have the light. I can’t fight the truth. Life is difficult and painful. It is for everyone,”  wrote Kesha in an album manifesto that went live today via Nylon. “An artist doesn’t exist to make others happy. I believe an artist gives voice, motion, color to the emotions we all have. The good emotions, and the unmanageably fucking miserable ones.”

Kesha spoke in-depth to Rolling Stone about ‘Gag Order.’ Read HERE.

Kesha has sold more than 14 million total album equivalents worldwide, has approximately 6.9 billion audio streams and 1.7 billion video streams worldwide, and has had 9 Top 10 hits on The Billboard Hot 100, including four # 1 singles at Top 40 Radio - "TiK ToK," "Your Love Is My Drug," "Die Young," and "Timber."


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