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30 April, 2021Print

Kyle Dion Teams Up with Rapper Kari Faux On “Purr” 

Kyle Dion Teams Up with Rapper Kari Faux On “Purr” 

High Energy Single Marks New Era For The Rising Star

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First Release of 2021 Off Upcoming Project

“just one of my many, many good recommendations...” 

— NPR Music

“an elegant falsetto that could soften the hardest of hearts” 

— Pitchfork

“will give you goosebumps” 


“The best singer in LA” 

— DJ Booth


Today, Los Angeles-based singer and boisterous rising star with the golden falsetto, Kyle Dion, releases his debut single of 2021, "Purr,” a slinky and playful pop-R&B duet featuring the inimitably clever Arkansas phenom Kari Faux. An undeniable turn-up record, “Purr” locates the secret ingredient of a successful sexual relationship: a little drama. “Need a girl who loves to get on my nerves,” Kyle reveals on the chorus, exhaling the final word so that it glides tauntingly out of his mouth. 

The bold new single, produced by Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino) and Aaron Bortz (Lafa Taylor), marks a new era for the rising star, as he sheds his melancholy in favor of more bright and buoyant bops.  

The eye-popping video for “Purr” opens with Kyle in a hotel room that feels like the artwork for SUGA — luxurious bright red bed sheets, silky black clothes — until Kari bursts through the door with a bazooka. The video spotlights Kyle’s ability to let loose with flamboyant colors, an eclectic cast of characters, shape-shifting scenes, and fiery dance moves.  

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“I developed the music video concept for “Purr” with Nick (The Grease), my brother and creative director,” Kyle shares. We teamed up with production duo CineMonkey (Giovanny Lago and Rio Noir) to bring 11 scenes to life for this first release. The video starts off in the world of SUGA where you see the character from my last album launched into this new world where he begins this journey as a new character, something you’ve seen from Kyle Dion yet. We flew Kari Faux out and after 3 months of shooting and editing, I’m proud we got it done. Shoutout to my cast and crew!”

To create an effective turn-up record, Kyle needed to access sides of his personality he hadn’t explored before musically and channeled the exhilarated energy that empowered him on his 2019 SUGA World Tour. To really talk his shit without any inhibitions, he realized he needed to rap. “I was nervous to rap for the first time,” he says. “I’m a vocalist and I kept overthinking.” Once he loosened up and became comfortable laughing at himself and the process, he found the sound of the album.

With "no rules'' as the mission statement for his upcoming summer project, Kyle happily dips into his heartfelt R&B bag while also accessing sides of his personality he's never explored before musically. Taking a more light-hearted approach, Kyle’s upcoming music will have you tapping your feet and moving immediately to the center of the dance floor.

Stay tuned for more from Kyle this year.



A boisterous rising star with a bright falsetto and golden pen, Kyle Dion can’t stay put. After releasing his heartfelt ode to traditional R&B, SUGA, in 2019, he couldn’t help but expand his talents and set his eyes on creating a classic turn-up album. Playfully rapping and exuding even more bold confidence, Dion is reinventing himself in the next chapter of his career, showing off the fullness of his personality by throwing out any and all rulebooks. The playful first single, “Purr,” is a naughty dive into Dion’s personality that extolls the secret ingredient of a good sexual relationship: a little drama. From the small community in Florida where he grew up to effervescent Los Angeles, where he’s worked with artists like Kehlani, Kali Uchis and PartyNextDoor, Dion is blazing a unique path.









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